Maria Yuryevna Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova

Мария Юрьевна Шарапова


Maria Sharapova was the world No 1 in Tennis at the young age of 18. She won 5 major titles at the major competitions, French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. She was the first Russian woman to top the singles rankings.

It is clear to see that she will have a great career but it is not that obvious to see the overall situation that she will become a tennis player. Not only the sun being exalted in the 10th house is very prominent for a successful career, but that the career will bring her a great income. The slight hint would be given from the massive 9th house of fortune where there is a stellium of planets Rahu, exalted Venus, strong Jupiter, and a debilitated Mercury (not that weak afterall with a powerful Venus). All the benefics are strongly placed in a lucky 9th house. They are all opposing the very athletic 3rd house. The 3rd ruler Mercury is also very well assisted by so many planets with it. From the moon, this Mercury is the 10th ruler opposing the 10th house.


Tennis World No. 1

Maria became the world No 1 on 22 August 2005.

In August 2005, Maria was in Venus/Mercury/Rahu going to Venus/Mercury/Jupiter period. All of these strong planets are opposing the 10th house from the Moon. From the career chart, almost all of these planets all in the 10th house too. The Transit Rahu was in the 9th house conjunct all her blessed planets, while Jupiter and Venus are also opposing them. This also greatly activated the career with all these planets also activating the 10th house from the moon. This is when she became the world No 1.

Possibly how she became a tennis player can be seen from the career chart whereby she has a whooping 6 planets in the 10th house of career, Rahu, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, and Neptune. They are all in the power martian sign of Aries. She even has Venus in martian sign Scorpio in 5th house of entertainment. This alone tells it all about her athletic status and her fabulous career.


Power 9th house

Maria setup a Maria Sharapova Foundation that is committed to helping children around the world in achieving their dreams. This is seen with the strong stellium of planets in the 9th house where there is a strong linkage to children related matters.


Foreign Residence

Maria has been a United States resident since 1994 but she still prefers Russian citizenship. Her 4th ruler Venus and 12th house Mercury are well situated in the 9th house where she has the luck to live in a distance country. Her destiny chart shows a similar setup. Her home chart however shows an exalted 1st ruler Venus in the 6th house opposing an exalted Mercury in the 12th house together with Mercury and Rahu. Foreign residence is strongly provided for her in a comfortable way.

She has stated that she prefers the Russian life experiences, family environment, rich culture, the country, the people, the mentality, the toughness, and that never giving up attitude. The war torn country must be having some difficulties during certain periods that it even sacrificed 21 million Soviet lives to protect its sovereignty from the nazis in world war 2. Are you strong like a Russian?


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Maria Sharapova Birth Chart 01

Maria Sharapova Birth Chart 01


Maria Sharapova Birth Chart 02

Maria Sharapova Birth Chart 02


Maria Sharapova Career Chart 01

Maria Sharapova Career Chart 01


Maria Sharapova Career Chart 02

Maria Sharapova Career Chart 02


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