Takuya Kimura: Why is Takuya Kimura famous?

Kimura Takuya

Takuya Kimura: Why is Takuya Kimura famous?

木村拓哉: Why is Takuya Kimura famous?

Here is an iconic figure in the history of Japanese celebrity world, Kimura Takuya. A Japanese singer, actor, radio personality, and a member of the best-selling boy band in Asia, SMAP. As his birth time is not available, we can only look at his Moon Chart for a secondary assessment. This will not precede his Ascendant chart which is of utmost importance. We will also look at his prime period near year 2000 where famous drama series like Long Vacation and Hero brought him fame, a lion in Japanese film industry. You can check on How to Read a Birth Chart here.

Moon Chart

Talented Moon

His Moon is in Capricorn sign, where its ruler Saturn sits in the 5th house of entertainment. His mind is very much attuned to the entertainment industry. This is not a weak moon. His Moon is probably placed in Shravana nakshatra (lunar mansion), ruled by the Moon itself which is very strong. This gives Kimura his tremendous ability in music, eloquence, and talents as it is related to the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati. Singing, acting, speaking, all comes to him easily.

Great Entertainment and Career

Saturn in the 5th house of entertainment is in Taurus sign ruled by Venus. Venus is a yogakaraka planet here ruling the 5th house of entertainment and 10th house of career and Venus is sitting in the 9th house of fortune. Venus is one of his best planets here. Even though Venus is debilitated here, it is still sitting in one of the best houses in the chart. In addition, Venus is disposited by lunar mansion to the strong talented Moon. In the 5th house of entertainment ruled by Venus, Saturn as his chart ruler sits there. In the 10th house of career ruled by Venus, powerful Sun and Mars sit there. This Venus has the power of 3 powerful planets backing it up. Kimura has talents in the entertainment industry and established himself very well in his career.

The Sun and Mars in the 10th house of career gives him simply extreme success in his career. The Sun even though debilitated, has directional strength (dig bala) in the strong 10th house of fame. Moreover, it is conjunct the unbeatable Mars in the same strong 10th house. This Mars though is in Libra, it is not weak at all. It is sitting in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Chitra, the sparkling jewel. It is another powerful star that gives artistic abilities and talents, moreover this star is ruled by Mars itself!

Even Mercury ruling the 9th house of fortune sits in the 11th house of hopes and dreams conjunct Neptune, the planet of the film industry. Both Mercury and Neptune are aspecting the 5th house of entertainment giving him the great acting and singing abilities.

Kimura Takuya 2

Kimura Takuya

King of Film Industry

Jupiter and Rahu are sitting in the 12th house of films and movies. Jupiter and Rahu (North node of the Moon) are very strong with Jupiter located in its own sign of Sagittarius. Both Jupiter and Rahu are in the nakshatra of Purva Ashadha. This is where he sits at the throne of the film industry and remains undefeatable as this lunar mansion again spans his popularity with the power of Jupiter and Rahu to the extremes! This invincible star spreads influence like a dominant fan.

1996 Long Vacation, First Lead Role

As his birth time is unavailable, we shall take a look at his period (dasha) chart. In 1996, he is running around Rahu period. Looking at his Rahu period, it is conjunct Jupiter in Jupiter’s own sign of Sagittarius in the 1st house, it will be a very influential 18 years period overall. Mercury is located in the 12th house of filming in its own lunar mansion of Jyestha and it is conjunct the planet of film and glamour, Neptune. In 1996, Transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Natal Jupiter and Rahu in the Ascendant and Transiting Rahu was in his 10th house of career. This is definitely a career year.

Kimura got his first lead role in Long Vacation and it became a massive success, phrased as Lonvaca phenonmenon. All this while during his Rahu period around 1987 to 2004, he was called the “King of Ratings” and generate high ratings for many television series. Even after his Rahu period comes Jupiter period, he is not short of success!

2001 Hero series, Highest-rated program in Japan

2000 Marriage to Kudo Shizuka 工藤 静香

Kimura might be running around his Rahu/Venus period during this time. Venus itself is the significator of wife and he got married during Venus period. From the Moon chart, Transiting Venus was at the Ascendant aspecting his 7th house of marriage and Transiting Jupiter was also aspecting this Venus. Kimura got married with Kudo on December 5, 2000.

He got his peak around this time as well as Venus is the yogakaraka planet, a planet of power and luck for him in his moon chart. From the period chart, Venus sits strongly in the 10th house of fame and reputation. Venus disposits to Mercury in the 12th house of film industry where Mercury is conjunct glamourous Neptune. Remember from the previous Moon chart that Venus rules the 5th house of entertainment and 10th house of career and where is Venus in this period chart? The 10th house of career and fame! This is the prime of his career. During this period, his TV series of “Hero” hits all time highest rating in Japan.

Daughters Kokomi 心美 and Mitsuki 光希

From the period chart, even Venus’s lunar mansion disposits to the Moon in the 2nd house of family. Probably around Rahu/Venus, he got married and formed his family at the same time. From the Moon Chart, both Transiting Jupiter and Saturn was in the 5th house of children and Transiting Jupiter was in a mutual exchange with Transiting Venus which rules the 5th house of children. The celestial energy is perfect for expecting a new child and Kimura had his first daughter Kokomi 心美 on May 1, 2001.

In between 2002 and 2003, Transiting Jupiter as a significator of children is exalted in the 7th house where it is aspected by Transiting Saturn from the 5th house of children. Transiting Rahu was also in the 5th house of children aspecting Natal Venus ruling the 5th house. Mitsuki 光希, the second daughter was born on February 2, 2003.

Kimura Takuya 3

Kimura Takuya

木村拓哉 Kimura Takuya, an Icon of Japan

In the 2020s when his Saturn period starts, he will still be in the entertainment industry for sure but his luck will not be as powerful as before and he will not enjoy the fame that he once had. His name shall precede him, Kimutaku.



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Takuya Kimura Moon Chart 01

Takuya Kimura Moon Chart 01

Takuya Kimura Moon Chart 02

Takuya Kimura Moon Chart 02

Takuya Kimura Rahu Period Chart

Takuya Kimura Rahu Period Chart

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