Kim Jong Kook: The Macho High Pitch Powered Voice Singer

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook: The Macho High Pitch Powered Voice Singer

김종국 Kim Jong Kook: The Macho High Pitch Powered Voice Singer

Kim Jong-Kook is a South Korean Singer, Action, and Entertainer. He was previously known for his Korean singing duo Turbo which he later pursued as a solo artist. In his singing career, he was well-known for his high pitch powered-voice extraordinary as a man. What’s more, it’s even more extraordinary for a macho man. He is also actively participating in various variety shows like X-Man, Family Outing, and Running Man, in which he showed his alertness and leadership as a muscle man. It’s rare to combine the brains and the brawns, but he’s got it. He’s got both! Let’s find out why.

Brains and Brawns

As his birth time is not available, we can look at his Moon Chart as a secondary assessment. Unless he is really born late at the last hour of the day, his Moon should reside in Aquarius. Looking at his Aquarius Moon for an assessment, Saturn as the ruler of his Moon Chart goes into the competitive and 6th house of health matters. Not only he has that, the competitive 6th house ruler Moon goes into his Ascendant. There is a parivartana yoga between his Saturn and Moon, which means to say that his Moon and Saturn connects his Ascendant house ruling his life and his competitive 6th house of health tightly and mutually. Looking at his competitive 3rd house of vitality strengthens his health even further with his Sun exalted there with Jupiter and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). Even Saturn is aspecting the 3rd house supplementing even more to the powerful of his ego and ambition.

Throughout his life, not only will he always be concerned with his health and diet, but he will also be empowered blindly to always pursue competitive activities including the gym and his endurance is high. He always head out to the gym in his spare time.

He has the brilliant Mars in the 5th house of the mind and he’s got the powerful exalted Sun enlarged by Jupiter in the 3rd house of the lower mind. He has both the creativity and the wits to find his way through any maze and he has shown his intelligence and leadership through the variety shows that he was on.

There are other aspects that confirms the same and it forms up the basis of a competitive muscle-brains man, Kim Jong Kook. The combination of the brains and the brawns.

High Pitch Powerful Voice

His all-powerful Venus is exalted in the 2nd house of voice. Venus is even exalted together with Venus in his destiny chart (Navamsha). His Venus is untouched by any malefic and yet Jupiter and Ketu being in Venus nakshatra (lunar mansion) expanded his already powerful Venusian voice. His all-powerful Venus gave him not only powerful voice but the high-pitched tone.

His mother often worried about her youngest son Kim Jong Kook. The only thing that he did well was singing and he often sang rock songs when he was a teenager. Kim was very motivated by his singing and joined in singing auditions even though his high pitch voice was pretty strange at that time. Now you know where that high pitch voice comes from. The powerful planet of beauty, Venus gives this macho man all that he needs to power up his vocal cords. What’s more? He’s got a very, very powerful Venus!

Kim Jong Kook’s Debut, Turbo and Solo Career

Kim Jong Kook debuted with Turbo as a duo which he later became a solo artist. During the time when he debuted in 1995, Transiting Saturn was in his Ascendant (Moon Chart), he was running Sade Sati (a period of Stress). He was somewhere in his Saturn period (Dasha). Transiting Saturn was even aspected by Transiting Rahu (North Node of the Moon) which expanded his life greatly. Transiting Saturn was also aspecting Transiting Jupiter in his 10th house of career. No doubt it was meant to be a career time among many things.

As his Saturn is strong in it’s own sign and it has a natal connection with the Moon, the stress was to make his singing career work and it did work! Turbo was immensely popular with their catchy music. The period of stress for him was a period of success!

In the year of 2001 to 2005, he wasn’t doing so well after Turbo duo disbanded as he had to struggle on his solo career. In the year of 2002 to 2003 was probably the period when he had to struggle the most as Transiting Saturn was in the 4th house with Transiting Rahu stressing the 10th house. That means Transiting Ketu was in his 10th house of career as well. He certainly didn’t score on his career. His first album as a solo artist didn’t gather enough support and it failed.

Just when the stress put up on his career was gone when Transiting Saturn and the moon nodes (Rahu and Ketu) had shifted and uplifted their stress from the 10th house, he had his first success as a solo artist. In 2004, he made a comeback with his second album named “Evolution” which the hit single “One Man” became a success. He even got into a permanent cast of the popular variety game show “X-Man”.

In 2005, Transiting Rahu was in his 2nd house of income where it was aspected by both Transiting Saturn and Transiting Jupiter which happens to rule the 2nd house. His third album in 2005 “This is Me” was also a huge success and became one of the best-selling albums in Korea that year. The song “Lovable” topped many charts. Kim also got awarded the Daesang (Artist of the Year) Award that year.

How did Kim Jong Kook get into Running Man?

In 2010, Transiting Jupiter was in his Ascendant which lit up his entire life and Transiting Rahu was in his 11th house of achievements. Both planets were aspecting his natal career planet Mars in the 5th house of entertainment. Since then from 2010, Kim became a permanent cast member of SBS’ variety show “Running Man”.

In 2011, Transiting Jupiter returns to it’s own 2nd house of wealth with its other ruling 11th house of achievements occupied by Transiting Rahu. All in all, Jupiter is his wealth planet. Because of his cast in “Running Man”, he won the “Best TV Star Award” at the SBS Entertainment Awards. Kim also gained pan-Asia popularity from the show. The years later on, his fame continue to rise with Transiting Saturn going over to his fortunate 9th house exalted conjunct his Natal Rahu blessed by an opposing Transiting Jupiter, and the Transiting Rahu going over to his 10th house of career. The “Sparta” nickname in the show was stuck with him ever since his muscle-brains reputation was exposed for all to acknowledge.

Kim Jong Kook’s Love Life

Kim Jong Kook has an exalted Venus in both his birth chart and his marriage chart (Navamsha). He will NEVER, NEVER stay single his whole life. He might be a bachelor now but this status will not stay stagnant. He could have gotten into some relationship matters in the year of 2016 when both Transiting Rahu and Transiting Jupiter are both in his 7th house. Depending on his time of birth, he could be approaching or already in his Ketu period. He will definitely have a relationship in this period. Disregard looking at his period without a birth time and without information on his birth chart, it reduces the accuracy of any outlook in his life.

In the year of 2020, both Transiting Jupiter and Transiting Ketu will be in his 11th house aspecting his 7th house of relationship as well as his Natal Sun which rules his 7th house of relationship. Natal Ketu being conjunct Natal Sun and aspecting his 7th house of relationship already has an extremely strong influence on his relationship. Moreover, both planets are in Venus’s nakshatra Bharani and his wife planet Venus is exalted! In around 2020, he can have a new relationship. Whatever happens later on will be further down the road. With the Sun exalted with Jupiter and Ketu, he can have an authoritative wife. Who do you think his wife will be?

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Kim Jong Kook Moon Chart 01

Kim Jong Kook Moon Chart 01

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Kim Jong Kook Moon Chart 02

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