Babe Ruth: Greatest Baseball Player of All Time

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth: Greatest Baseball Player of All Time

George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr. was an American baseball player who is regarded as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His career in Major League Baseball (MLB) spanned 22 seasons from 1914 to 1935 and is known to be one of the greatest sport heroes. He began his career as a pitcher for Boston Red Sox and later on achieved great fame as a slugging outfielder for New York Yankees. Ruth was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth was born to play baseball!

Fame and Talents

Ruth has Jupiter ruling the 10th house of career and Moon ruling 2nd house of income in the 1st house being amplified largely by Rahu (North Node of the Moon) from the 9th house of fortune. Rahu is also conjunct Mercury ruling the 1st house and Venus ruling the fortunate 5th house, expanding his fortunes. In addition, exalted Saturn ruling the 9th house of fortune also sits in a lucky 5th house of entertainment sports and exploded from being aspected by both Jupiter and Rahu.

This is the root cause of all the fame and financial income that he receives from his career and talents. Many books have been written about Ruth than any other member listed in the Baseball Hall of fame. He was listed to be one of the most recognized athlete of all times on par with other athletes such as Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan in American history. His bat that he hit for the first home run at Yankee stadium was sold for $1,265,000 in 2004 in an auction.

Mars ruling the 11th house of great gains sits strongly in the 11th house, aspecting the 2nd house of incomes gave him further monetary benefits. Mars being in an growth improvement house also aspects it’s own competitive 6th house as well as the 5th house of entertainment sports, makes him a formidable baseball player.

Jupiter and Moon in the 1st house further expanded by Rahu gave Ruth his bombastic figure and moony face.

Poor Behaviour

Ruth has Ketu (South Node of the Moon) in the 3rd house of communications and behaviour which sits in Sun sign and nakshatra (lunar mansion). 3rd house is also 8 houses from the 8th house of charisma and addictions. Ketu is disposited to the Sun in the 8th house in a poor dignity gives him uncontrollable addictions.  Sun is also disposited to the exalted Saturn in the 5th house.

Sun in the 8th house gives him great charismatic personality and his legendary fame and power magnetized the public with his communications and behaviour. He was the target of the media and public attention. However, his reckless life of drinking and womanizing attracted the public attention more so ever. Due to his poor behaviour and reckless lifestyle, he was denied a managerial job in baseball after his retirement.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth


It was in 1914 Jupiter period that Ruth signed a baseball contract with the minor-league Baltimore Orioles. Jupiter rules the 10th house career sitting strongly in the 1st house aspected by Rahu.

The rookie baseball player was the target of various pranks from the veterans which was also probably where he got his nickname “Babe” as well. He subsequently joined the Boston Red Sox being a batter and a star pitcher. In 1916, Ruth’s pitching performance became the longest postseason complete game victory.

In 1919 on the start of a complete new Saturn period, Saturn rules the 9th house of fortune and it is exalted in the lucky 5th house of entertainment sports. Ruth’s pitching duties were reduced to emerge his roles as a hitter. Ruth then began a spell of slugging home runs which gave him widespread public and press attention. He was sold to New York Yankees and completed his transition from a pitcher to a power-hitting outfielder. His 15 season Yankee career covered 2000 games and broke batting many records.

In 1924 Saturn/Mercury period where Mercury is in Rahu’s nakshatra Shatabishak and conjunct addictive Rahu which brings forward an addiction to alcohol. Rahu also poisons the Moon ruling the 2nd house of drinks and ingestion. Ruth spent much time drinking in the resort town despite his efforts to stay in shape. In 1925, he was nearly 120kg. He became ill and suffered multiple relapses and collapsed several times.

In 1926 Saturn/Venus period where Venus is the dispositor of the exalted Saturn, Ruth spent part of his offseason time getting back into shape. In 1927, New York Yankees is considered one of the greatest squads known as “Murderer’s Row” due to it’s power lineup. The team won a then-AL-record (American League) 100 games. For the remaining of Saturn period, Ruth stayed for his final Yankee years until 1934. He got into Boston Braves in 1935 before his retirement as a player.

Cancer and Death

In 1946 Mercury/Moon period, Mercury which rules the 1st house of the head is in Shatabishak nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu and poisonous Rahu aspects the 1st house of the head and body as well as the Jupiter and Moon in the 1st house. Shatabishak nakshatra deals with mystical healing but also deals with diseases as well. Moon is conjunct the Ascendant in the same nakshatra of Ardra which deals with sadness and sorrows. The tragedy and sadness in the 1st house of the head is amplified by Jupiter in the 1st house as well as an aspect from Rahu which is conjunct Mercury.

Ruth began experiencing severe pain over his left eye and had difficulty swallowing. He had an inoperable malignant tumor at the base of his skull and in his neck. Due to his bad behaviour, the doctors never told him that he had cancer as his family feared that he could do harm to himself. Due to his name and fame, he had access to experimental treatments and was one of the first cancer patients to receive both drugs and radiation treatment simultaneously. The improvement led to a temporary remission.

In 1948 August Mercury/Rahu period, where Mercury ruling the 1st house of life and head is in Rahu nakshatra and conjunct Rahu at the same time. Rahu is also aspecting the 1st house of life and head. Transiting Sun as physical boy and Mercury ruling 1st house of body is conjunct malefic Transiting Saturn in the 3rd house. All 3 planets are conjunct Natal Ketu as significator of losses in the 3rd house of life. All 3 planets are also opposes the period planets in the 9th house, Rahu and Mercury. Transiting Ketu representing losses was exactly conjunct Natal Saturn ruling the 8th house of death. Transiting Ketu was also aspecting the period planets in the 9th house as well as the 1st house of body. Transiting Jupiter as a maraka death planet was in the 6th house of disease aspecting Natal Neptune and Pluto as death-inflicting planets in the 12th house of losses. Transiting Moon as a maraka planet as well was in the 8th house of death.

Pulitzer Prize for Babe Ruth Photos

Ruth was still traveling to do promotional work for Ford Motor company on American Legion Baseball and doing book-signing. He made a couple of public appearances but he had lost much weight and had difficulty walking. He did won the Pulitzer Prize as one of baseball’s most famous and widely circulated photographs. He grew so thin that the once big man Ruth had been reduced to skinny little bones. He passed away in his sleep in August, 1948.

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