How to Read a Birth Chart

Birth Chart

How to Read a Birth Chart

In the Northern version of the Birth Chart, the houses are always fixed in the same place. Above are the fixed places of the houses. When you count a house from itself, you always count it anti-clockwise. When you count from a house to a house, you always count the house itself first. Eg. 5th house is 5 houses away from the 1st house. 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house, 4th house, 5th house. 5 houses.

All the numbers that are shown in the Birth Chart (not shown in the top diagram) represents the signs of the zodiac. The numbers of the zodiac signs are not shown here for simplification. The first house is always represented by the word Asc which stands for Ascendant.

The specific houses meanings are as below:

1st House: You, Your Personality


2nd House: Wealth, Possessions


3rd House: Communications, Courage


4th House: Home, Happiness


5th House: Love, Creativity


6th House: Health, Obstacles


7th House: Marriage, Commitments


8th House: Difficulty, Transformation


9th House: Fortune, Spirituality


10th House: Career, Fame


11th House: Hopes, Wishes, Dreams


12th House: Expenses, Losses


Birth Chart Example 1

Cancer Ascendant

Birth Chart Example 01

In the above Birth Chart Example 1, the 1st house is always at the top. You can see the ‘1st h’ at the top indicating the 1st house. 1st house will always have the ‘Asc’ word, indicating that it is the Ascendant. In this case, this Ascendant is a Cancer Ascendant indicated by a ‘4’ in the 1st house.

The rest of the signs of the different houses will follow. 2nd house is indicated by a ‘5’ and shows that it is in Leo sign. On the top of the house is a ‘2nd h’ as well. 3rd house is indicated by a ‘6’ and shows that it is Virgo sign, etc.

If you see a number 1, it represents Aries etc.

1 – Aries

2 – Taurus

3 – Gemini

4 – Cancer

5 – Leo

6 – Virgo

7 – Libra

8 – Scorpio

9 – Sagittarius

10 – Capricorn

11 – Aquarius

12 – Pisces.

Birth Chart Example 2

Pisces Ascendant

Birth Chart Example 02

Here is another example that shows that this ‘Asc’ Ascendant is a 12 sign, which indicates a Pisces Ascendant. In this Ascendant, we have the planets Uranus and Jupiter.

Planets & Symbols

Below is the picture representation of all the planets. When you see a Rx next to the planet symbol, it means that the planet was in retrograde.

Astrology Planets Symbols

Astrology Planets Symbols


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