The Exorcist: The Real Story of Possessed Roland Doe

The Exorcism of Roland Doe

The Exorcist: The Real Story of Possessed Roland Doe

Robbie Mannheim (also known as Roland Doe) is the pseudonym given by historian Thomas B. Allen to an anonymous individual known for being possessed and exorcised during his childhood in the United States in the late 1940s. Priests of the Roman Catholic Church performed a series of exorcisms on the 14 years old boy, the alleged victim of demonic possession. The events were reported in the media and recorded down by the attending priest, Raymond Bishop. Those events aspired the 1971 novel of “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty which later on developed into a film in 1973. As the birth time and birth place are both not available, an estimated Moon Chart is used as a secondary assessment.

The Dark Mind

The Moon may be exalted in the Ascendant conjunct the Sun, but as it is conjunct the Sun it becomes a new moon. A new moon is dark and is lacking in lunar brightness. As the exact birth details are not available, the moon position and nakshatra (lunar mansion) are being put aside. But the Sun is in Rohini nakshatra ruled by the Moon and it is deeply controlled by the dark moon as well. Both luminaries are disposited to the Venus in the 3rd house of the process of the mind and hobby.

Venus itself is conjunct tightly to Pluto, the planet of transformation dealing with death and rebirth. Venus and the luminaries Sun and Moon are in a parivartana yoga which connects the 2 houses together bringing the dark moon together with the boy’s physical constitution, and the lights of the chart Sun and Moon.

The Curiosity

Roland’s Rahu (North node of the Moon) as the planet of obsession and fear is located in the 8th house of death and it’s dispositor Jupiter sit in the difficult 6th house of disease. Rahu is in the nakshatra of Uttara Ashadha ruled by the Sun which is connected to a dark moon. Ketu (South node of the Moon) is conjunct Mercury, the ruler of the 5th house of mind and Ketu is in the Punarvasu nakshatra ruled by Jupiter as well, ruler of the 8th house of death. Venus ruling his chart and life is also closely conjunct Pluto the death planet in the 3rd house of hobby. Mercury as ruler of the 5th house of the mind is in the 2nd house opposing the 8th house also gives him great interest in the occult.

Roland was born into a German Lutheran family and they lived in Cottage City, Maryland. His aunt was a spiritualist and introduced Roland to the Ouija board when he expressed interest in it. This curiosity and interest brings about the beginning of the series of strange events.

The Weakest Link

The chart ruler Venus badly influenced by the malefic effects of Pluto, is deeply connected to a dark moon as well as the Sun deeply controlled by the moon.

Mercury as one of the lucky planets of the chart ruling the 5th house of the mind may be strong in it’s own sign of Gemini, but it is located in the nakshatra of Ardra, the symbol of sadness. Ketu conjunct Mercury gives him a very intuitive mind. Mercury is opposing the 8th house.

Saturn as one of the luckiest planets in the chart as the yogakaraka planet (planet of power and luck) ruling both 9th house of spirit and 10th house of career sits strongly in the 10th house. However, Saturn is located in the nakshatra of Shatabishak which can give a secretive and mystical soul. Saturn is also opposed by Neptune, giving him a very spiritual-inclined soul. Both Ardra and Shatabishak nakshatras are ruled by Rahu which is located in the 8th house of death. Both the mind and the spirit are very much attuned to the occult and mysticism.

Mercury, Saturn, and Ketu are all aspected by Jupiter, the ruler of the 8th house of occultism. Jupiter may be weak in sign but it is located in it’s own nakshatra of Vishakha, giving him a definite curiosity and purpose of knowing the occult. Jupiter in Libra is also disposited to the afflicted Venus, bringing stings of death to Roland and his life.

Even malefic Mars is located in the 5th house of the mind. Mars rule the 12th house of subconscious and other dimensions. Mars is also aspecting the 8th house of death afflicting his Rahu and 8th house further. More importantly. Mars is also aspecting it’s own 12th house of other dimensions with it’s deadly 8th aspect. Uranus being in the 12th house aspected by malefic Mars can bring him easily to other dimensions suddenly. Mars is even in hasta nakshatra, ruled by the dark moon.

The Exorcism

The 14 years old boy was running his Rahu period (dasha) which brings about all the connections up with the 8th house which slowly turns towards the malicious way. Being such a young age with such spiritual connections, one couldn’t have enough willpower and knowledge to differentiate and resist the darkness.

After his Aunt Harriet’s death, the family experienced strange noises with furniture moving and objects flying around in the house. The family sought the help of the Lutheran priest, Luther Miles Schulze. After experiencing it himself, Schulze advised the family to see a Catholic priest. The boy underwent a series of exorcisms conducted by a Roman Catholic priest Edward Hughes at Georgetown University Hospital. Strange events occurred in which the participants observed a shaking bed, flying objects, the boy speaking in a guttural voice and aversion to anything sacred.

Other priests Walter Halloran and William Van Roo were also called to assist. Halloran stated that words of “hell” and “evil” appeared on the teenager’s body. During the ritual, Roland turned violent and broke Halloran’s nose. The bed was also shaking. After the rite, the anonymous subject Roland went on to lead an ordinary life.

Evil exists, but you can Resist!

There is essentially nothing wrong with such a chart. However due to a combination of the wrong person, with the wrong things at the wrong time, things can go more bizarre than one think. A soul capsule with a body, mind, and spirit so easily attuned to the other spiritual dimension, an immature boy with no expertise in the spiritual realm, a strong sense of curiosity, a dark mind, and most importantly the strong evil that was invited to join in the mixture.

Even if you are really curious and interested in the spiritual realm, don’t just step both your feet in if you are not mentally strong enough. Who knows what you are stepping into? Evil exists, but you can resist!

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