Superstar Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina

Superstar Polina Gagarina

Супер звезда Полина Гагарина


Polina Gagarina is a Russian singer who finished second in Eurovision 2015 with “A Million Voice”. She was the one of the rare few to finish over 300 points. She was also the 10th highest Russian earner on Instagram and Youtube in 2021 with 6 million US dollars from 8.9 million subscribers. She is fluent in Russian, Greek, and English.

Polina was born in Moscow but she spent her youth in Greece. Her 4th ruler of home Jupiter is together with 12th ruler of foreign land and with foreign indicator of Rahu (North node of the Moon). 1st ruler Mercury is also opposing the 12th house. She has indications of living in a foreign place. Polina’s mother was a ballet mother. From the 4th house of the mother, the 10th ruler Mercury goes to the 3rd house of performing arts with multiple artistic planets of Moon, Mercury, Venus. 2nd ruler of wealth Saturn goes to the 12th house of dancing and ballet. These are the mother’s ballet talent.

While it is not clear that she can sing well from her birth chart, it is clear from the moon chart where Jupiter and Rahu strong in the 2nd house of singing with the Sun. This is a powerful combination for a top class singer. Pisces is a strong sign that produces many impressive singers. It is the sign where both Jupiter and Venus are very strong with Venus even exalted in the sign. Two of the most artistically inclined planets are performing their best together in the 2nd house and they really stretch one’s vocal range in an amazing yet pleasing fashion. If you roll over to Polina’s career chart, she has got her strong voice of Jupiter assisted by an exalted Venus and the Sun in the 10th house where everyone can acknowledge her singing talents. This is the true strength of her astounding voice!


2003 Star Factory

Her singing career rises from sometime in 2003 when she sang in a Russian reality singing competition called “Star Factory”. She was at the start of her Jupiter/Rahu period which is very obvious in her chart that she came into a huge rise. Her Jupiter is extremely strong with Rahu and Sun in the 7th house where everyone can see her. This was the discovery of her singing talent. Transit Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu were all aspecting her Natal Jupiter and Natal Rahu to manifest it.

The same combination of Jupiter and Rahu in her 7th house of relationships ended up giving her 2 marriages so far as Rahu expanded her already strong 7th ruler Jupiter as well. This can give an excess of what the house represents, both her relationships from the birth chart as well as her voice from the moon chart.


2015 Eurovision

In mid-2015, Polina represented Russia in Eurovision Song Contest 2015. She came in second in place and became the first non-winning participant to exceed 300 points. Her fame rose further when Polina performed again in several other occasions. She was in Saturn/Venus period with no surprise that she was going to do well here. Her Venus is her most powerful planet from the Moon and it is in the 10th house of the destiny chart while also being in the 10th house exalted in the career chart. Again Transit Saturn, Jupiter, and Ketu are all touching her 10th house from the Moon.


Another Gagarina Moment

Polina will be shifting into her Mercury period from 2024 August onwards. Her Mercury is strong in a vargottama position where it goes to the same sign in the Ascendant of the destiny chart, even more so when her Mercury shows its strength in the Ascendant of the career chart as well strong in Gemini. Her stardom is far from over.

Around 2038, Polina will be going into her Mercury/Jupiter and Mercury/Saturn periods. Her Natal Mercury will be aspected multiple times. She will have some shockwaves of success in the coming years and she will have a blast sometime in 2038. Let’s wait patiently for another stunning performance by Polina Gagarina just like how the seasons roll over by itself from winter snow to spring rains.

Say Hello to the future!

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Polina Gagarina Birth Chart 01

Polina Gagarina Birth Chart 01


Polina Gagarina Birth Chart 02

Polina Gagarina Birth Chart 02


Polina Gagarina Career Chart 01

Polina Gagarina Career Chart 01


Polina Gagarina Career Chart 02

Polina Gagarina Career Chart 02


Polina Gagarina Destiny Chart 01

Polina Gagarina Destiny Chart 01


Polina Gagarina Destiny Chart 02

Polina Gagarina Destiny Chart 02


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