Confession of a Losefrey

Confession of a Losefrey 01

Confession of a Losefrey

Finale Futurist: Its an honour to have you here today Ms Losefrey.

Losefrey: I am not sure if its an honour with that name.

Finale Futurist: Its to conceal your identity.

Losefrey: *Roll Eyes*

Finale Futurist: Well, nobody wins all the time Ms Losefrey. Alright. Let’s begin. Can you tell us about your life? What makes you so wealthy?


Birth Chart

Oppressed Women


I have my 2nd ruler Natal Saturn exalted in the 11th house with Natal Neptune. I make great money. I also have tons of planets in my 2nd house including Natal Rahu. Natal Jupiter in the 6th house is also mutual aspecting Natal Rahu in the 2nd house. I make great money through talk shows, from the media industry, and I have great and influential supporters.

Finale Futurist:

You do have your 5th ruler Natal Mars strong in the 12th house as 12th ruler conjunct 8th ruler Natal Moon. That explains why you are so good in the film and entertainment industry. But there could be something secret going on with your life regarding children too. You are in your Mars period now. You will be going into Mars/Saturn period from 2024 April. Saturn is 12th from your Mars and you will be having some losses. Transit Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu will start to aspect your 12th house from 2024 April onwards. That is a time of great losses for you.

Losefrey: What is going to happen in 2024?

Finale Futurist: I don’t know Ms Losefrey. We shall see in 2024 on what is going to happen. Your Mars period only ends in 2028. Your Natal Mars is 12th ruler in 12th house. Mars is debilitated in your destiny chart conjunct Natal Ketu. This might not be the best time for you. But don’t worry. Your Rahu period seems like a great time. Your Natal Rahu is vargottama in Capricorn. It is in the 2nd house in the birth chart and in the 10th house in the destiny chart. Your ordeal will end in 2028 and your luck will improve after that.

Your Natal Venus is conjunct Natal Sun exactly in almost all your charts. The women that you know are constantly being oppressed by men of authority, or shall I say abused in this case.

Finale Futurist: We do have some questions to ask if you would help with that. We can’t help to notice that there are some distinctive features in your chart.


Destiny Chart

Women Association with Harvey

Finale Futurist: In your destiny chart, you have Natal Moon in the 7th house conjunct Natal Neptune. 8th ruler Natal Mars is debilitated and aspecting your Moon and Neptune in the 7th house. Your Natal Neptune in the 7th house at Libra 25:34 is on Harvey 7th ruler Natal Mars at Libra 25:06.

Did you send some woman on the way to Harvey? Did you coerce some Hollywood enthusiasts to Harvey? Did you deceive those women abused by Harvey?

Losefrey: Nonsense.

Finale Futurist: In your destiny chart, Natal Venus at Taurus 20:35 and Natal Sun at Taurus 21:51. You earn great money. We know that. Some woman that you know are also linked to people of authority. These planets in Harvey career chart are conjunct Harvey Natal Venus at Taurus 21:23. These women that you know, some of them know Harvey as well, I presume.

Losefrey: We are in the media industry. Everyone knows each other.

Finale Futurist: We mean those new actresses.


Career Chart

Coercion to Harvey Harem?

Finale Futurist: In your career chart, your 7th ruler Natal Moon is in the 10th house with Neptune. You are famous for your media personality. No doubt about it. Your Natal Moon here at Libra 21:49 is the 7th ruler. Did you sign some contracts with female aspiring actresses? Your Natal Moon is on Harvey Ascendant degree at Libra 20:07 exactly.

Your Natal Venus at Aquarius 6:17 and Natal Sun at 7:37, they are exactly on Harvey Natal Rahu at Aquarius 7:04 in the 5th house of entertainment. Even his Natal Venus at Aquarius 11:08 is very close by. Did you know what Harvey is doing? Did you know about his wrongdoings all the while and yet you still helped him in return for some benefits? Are you an accomplice to his acts?

Losefrey: I had no contact with him after the news about him broke out.

Finale Futurist: We mean before that. Do you know Harvey Weinstein well?

Losefrey: We just met a couple of times.

Finale Futurist: Details didn’t suggest that. Did you know about his treatment of women?

Losefrey: No, I had no idea what he was doing.

Finale Futurist: This Natal Moon of yours is also conjunct Harvey Ascendant degree of Aries 21:11 in his career chart exactly. The multiple relationships that he had, those women, those abused women. You knew them! You sent them to Harvey, didn’t you?

Losefrey: This is absurd. This is an accusation. There is no proof.

Finale Futurist: Alright. We’ll take a break here.




Children Chart

Child Sex Trafficking?

Finale Futurist: Ok. We can’t help to notice that you have an extremely powerful children chart. You have strong 2nd ruler Natal Saturn in the 2nd house aspecting strong 11th ruler Natal Venus in the 11th house exactly. Even Natal Jupiter is aspecting the 11th house. You have great entertainment values that brought in all those cash for you. You are an excellent media figure. We can see that.

You have strong Natal Saturn as 2nd ruler in 2nd house with 7th and 10th ruler Natal Mercury and Natal Ketu. There is 1 issue. All these planets are opposing 8th ruler Natal Moon in 8th house with Natal Rahu. Natal Saturn at Capricorn 20:46 is directly opposing Natal Moon at Cancer at 18:16 almost exactly.

We understand that you don’t have any children. One might think that you might have a lot of adopted children or children that you helped in life by opening up schools in Africa for example.

Your Natal Venus at Libra 19:21 is exactly conjunct Natal Neptune at 19:53 and Natal Sun at 20:20. Your Natal Venus is strong here but Sun is debilitated. Natal Venus is 11th ruler in 11th house aspected by strong 2nd ruler Natal Saturn and Natal Jupiter. All these planets land on Harvey Ascendant degree at 20:07 exactly. You lead these women in the entertainment industry to Harvey. This is what we are seeing here. Did you mislead some of these women to Harvey’s Harem? Some of these are children!

Losefrey: You must be mistaken.

Finale Futurist: In Harvey children chart, his Natal Venus at Aries 17:58 goes to your children chart 5th house Natal Jupiter at Aries 14:03 opposing your Natal Venus at Libra 19:21. The female children that he got acquainted comes from your pile of female children basket.

In your destiny chart, your Natal Saturn at Aquarius 22:24 is opposed by Natal Mercury at Leo 23:16. Your Natal Saturn goes to Harvey children chart Ascendant at Aquarius 20:49 and the youth that he receives with Natal Mercury at Aquarius 21:42. His Natal Mercury rules 5th house of children and 8th house. Your youth Natal Mercury in Leo in the 5th house of children in destiny chart goes to Harvey children chart 7th house opposing his youth Natal Mercury exactly. Ms Losefrey, are you the supplier of his children perversion?

Losefrey: I was not involved in Harvey acts! I have no idea what he was doing.

Finale Futurist: Your Ascendant degrees in your children chart is Sagittarius 21:22. The Natal Sun of your country chart is at Gemini 22:38. It goes into your 7th house opposing your Ascendant of the children chart. You know many men of authority, don’t you? They are coming into your life. They are heading towards you in your children chart for a relationship.

Losefrey: That is rubbish. I know many great men. They are honourable men of reputation.

Finale Futurist: Men with authority, yes. But honourable, we don’t know about that. Then why are they coming into your children chart? Why come to you for a relationship? These women, they are being abused. These are children. They are not of legal age. Are you somehow involved in child sex trafficking business? Did you send young underage women to these powerful men that you know?

Losefrey: That is not true. Those were rumours. It is fake news.

Finale Futurist: We would very much like to believe you. It’s just that, your charts. They don’t match with your words. You make tremendous amount of money out of children. Why are these men coming for your children? You don’t have children. Who are your children?

Losefrey: …

Finale Futurist: Looks like young female Deliveroo, the Op… , I mean the Harvey-styled.


Final Act

Bail Out

Finale Futurist: You said something memorable years ago. Quote unquote “It feels good to be molested as a child and if done right the child shouldn’t remember”. Did you say that?

Losefrey: That was taken out of context.

Finale Futurist: Experts said that some victims after being sexually violated at a young age, they portray the behaviour of the perpetrators when they grow up. What do you think of that?

Losefrey: No Comments.

Finale Futurist: Did you know that Harvey was abusing young girls?

Losefrey: I take the 5th amendment.

Finale Futurist: We are not interrogating you. We are just trying to understand here.

Finale Futurist: Let’s try again. People are saying that you are pimping young girls for Harvey or coerced them into sex with Harvey. What do you say about that?

Losefrey: No Comments.

Finale Futurist: That sounds like some heinous crimes there.

Losefrey: I only lead the girls to where they can seek fortune. They wanted to make it in Hollywood. After that, it was out of my hands. I didn’t send anyone that doesn’t want to be sent.

Finale Futurist: Well. In your Rahu period that starts at the end of 2028, you will be out of your current distress. That will be right on the dot after 2028 elections. How convenient! Will the new big man himself bail you out then? Perhaps the new big man or some “honourable” men that he knows pressured him to bail you out.

Losefrey: 2028 elections? How would I kno…? I don’t know what you are talking about.

Finale Futurist: Your Natal Rahu in the destiny chart. It is at Capricorn 6:23. It is right on top of your country Natal Pluto at 6:49. You will come into power later on. If you have done nothing, you have nothing to be afraid of Ms Losefrey.

Finale Futurist: Your Natal Rahu is in the 8th house with 8th ruler in the children chart. Are you going to continue your children business after you got bailed out in 2028?

Losefrey: What do you mean? I built schools in Africa! I fight for women rights! I am the reason the National Child Protection Act exists!

Finale Futurist: Right! Of course!

Finale Futurist: Well, Thank you for your time Op… erm.. Ms erm… frey.

Losefrey: Thank You! *Leaves*


Confession of a Losefrey 02

Confession of a Losefrey 02


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