Fifa World Cup 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022

December 18, 2022, Qatar National Day in 2022 is the place of the Fifa final battle for World Cup 2022. Who is winning the trophy back? Let’s look at the man people are eyeing at, Lionel Messi! This will be Lionel Messi’s last world cup. Let’s see how he’s doing.


Lionel Messi Electrified

He is currently in Jupiter/Mercury period where Mercury is not only strong in its own 2nd house, it also disposits to back to Jupiter through its Punarvasu nakshatra (lunar mansion). This also triggers its 10th ruler Saturn being in Mercury’s Jyeshtha lunar mansion as well. While this is a competitive combination, it might not be strong enough to indicate a career pinnacle.

Looking into his destiny (navamsha) chart, there are more indications whereby Mercury is conjunct the 10th ruler Jupiter, and Mercury is strong again being in a sign exchange with Mars. Perhaps his career chart is the most telling of all. In the career chart, Jupiter is in the Ascendant and Mercury is dominantly placed in the 10th house. This is the dominant indication of a pinnacle of his career. This is an electrified Jupiter with it being in Aries in the birth chart, destiny chart and career chart. Even in Jaimini placement being in Scorpio/Leo period, his Amk career planet Saturn is in Scorpio and Leo is being in 10th placement from Scorpio.

The transits are not too revealing even though it is quite a punch as well. Transit Jupiter did station on his Natal Rahu in the 11th house on July 28. Transit Saturn in the 10th house also stationed aspected Natal Jupiter exactly on June 4 exactly. During that time, Transit Saturn and Jupiter are already aspecting the 10th ruler Saturn. On the final match day 2022 Dec 16, Transit Mars happens to be exactly on his Natal Moon in the Ascendant opposing the 10th ruler Natal Saturn. You can be sure that he is not only in his top form, but he is also at his most competitive mode.


Angel Di Maria

Casually looking at some Argentina Players, some notable figures would include Angel Di Maria. Unfortunately, there was no birth time available so some rough assessments were made from the moon chart. Very strangely, his Natal Jupiter is exactly conjunct Messi. His exalted Venus is also very close to Messi’s Natal Rahu.

Transit Saturn would have triggered both his Natal Sun and Jupiter exactly in June as well. Transit Jupiter would have triggered his exalted Natal Venus too, while opposing his 10th house in July. Somehow, Messi and Angel may share the same fate in the matches. However, he seems to be recovering from an injury.


Lautaro Martinez

Looking at Lautaro Martinez, without the birth time it is even harder to check as even his Natal Moon position is hard to be determined. Transit Saturn would have triggered both his Natal Saturn and Jupiter very tightly in October, while Jupiter is strong on his Natal Saturn. No matter where his Natal Moon is, both his Natal Jupiter and Saturn has a lot to do with his career. Both Jupiter and Saturn have tremendous strength in the destiny chart.

He is somewhere in between Venus and Sun period. His Natal Sun is excellently placed in the fixed star Regulus. If he performs well in this world cup, he is going to be greatly recognized and very sought after especially during next year 2023 July period.

Even without the birth time, he is going to have a fantastic 2023! Putting Messi aside, this is one man to watch out for! Lautaro Martinez.


Argentina Vs Brazil

While Messi has said that France and Brazil are the favourites to win the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, things are looking great for Messi personally. This is also Brazilian Neymar’s last World Cup and his chart is excellent too at the moment. If all players are on equal standing and we are just comparing the playmakers of Argentina and Brazil, Messi Vs Neymar, I would pick Messi with the potential of his chart looking better in outlook this December. Timing is everything. It seems like Argentina is electrified by a top form Messi this Fifa World Cup.


It also appears that Neymar and Lautaro Martinez will both do very well next year in 2023.


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Lionel Messi Birth Chart 1

Lionel Messi Birth Chart 1


Lionel Messi Birth Chart 2

Lionel Messi Birth Chart 2


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