Bad Boys 1 – Face Off

Bad Boys 1 - Face Off 01

Bad Boys 1 – Face Off

Nuclear Astrology


Nuclear Astrology 02

Nuclear Astrology


Bad Boys series is strictly for the future generations. It holds no bias towards anybody or any countries.

Bad Boys analysis gives the hints of a possible nuclear fallout. Will there be one, and when? Many people are scared of dying in a nuclear war. Is a nuclear war real? Is it ever coming? There are more questions than there are answers. In this Bad Boys series, we shall attempt to achieve more answers than questions. There are truth bombs along the way. You have been informed. If this information can save some people from a future disaster, even if it saves just 1 person, it is good enough.

This is very technical and lengthy. The short answer is Yes.


Nuclear Bomb History

The first atomic bombs were dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The very first atomic bomb ever been detonated was called “Little Boy”. It was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. The pre-raid population of Hiroshima was 255,000. “Little Boy” was estimated to have killed 66,000 and injured 69,000. A more devastating second nuclear bomb called “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945. The pre-raid population of Nagasaki was 195,000. “Fat Man” was estimated to have killed 39,000 and injured 25,000. Most of the people were civilians.

The analysis is based on some assumptions.


  1. Countries involved retain the same birth charts.
  2. Countries involved retain same nuclear doctrines and policies.


Nuclear Arsenals

The country’s Natal Pluto is its nuclear arsenal. How it is being positioned and used will depend largely on its birth chart. Natal Pluto stores a country’s most powerful weapons. It also stores a country’s WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). The country’s Natal Mars is its armoury. We will look at some prominent nuclear arsenals of the world. The countries are Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. U is Uganda, R is Rwanda, and C is Congo.


U Nuclear Doctrine

U has refused to adopt a no first use policy and says that it “reserves the right to use” nuclear weapons first in the case of conflict.


U Nuclear Arsenal

Natal Pluto at Capricorn 6:49 in 2nd house is conjunct Natal Ketu. Natal Pluto is opposed by 10th ruler Natal Mercury at Cancer 3:36 tightly in the 8th house, and aspected by a very strong and aggressive 5th and 12th ruler Natal Mars at Gemini 0:40 in the 7th house. Natal Pluto is also opposed by Natal Rahu at Cancer 15:51.

Natal Pluto is afflicted by aggressive Natal Mars which is its MIC. Natal Pluto is also afflicted by its 10th ruler Natal Mercury and very malefic Natal Rahu from the malefic 8th house.

The nuclear arsenal is strongly influenced by the 10th ruler Natal Mercury in 8th house and aggressive political 5th ruler Natal Mars. The nuclear arsenal is opened up for aggression and first strike. It is used for world domination.


R Nuclear Doctrine

R would use nuclear weapons only in the event of an attack with nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, or if the existence of the R state were threatened by a large-scale conventional aggression.


R Nuclear Arsenal

Natal Pluto in 4th house at Libra 28:08 is conjunct strong 4th ruler Natal Venus at Libra 29:02 extremely tightly. It is also aspected by Natal Ketu in the 12th house and strong Natal Saturn in the 7th house, but not at close degrees. Natal Venus is a very strong but soft and benefic planet in a peaceful sign Libra. A blemish here on Natal Venus is that it is also afflicted by 8th ruler Natal Saturn and Natal Ketu.

The nuclear arsenal is strongly influenced by benefic 4th ruler Natal Venus very tightly and afflicted by 8th ruler Natal Saturn at a wide degree. The nuclear arsenal on its homeland is armed to the teeth. However, it is most probably used for protecting its homeland security only, but it will protect its homeland at all costs.


C Nuclear Policy

C will never be the first to use a nuclear weapon in a conflict, and only ever in retaliation of a nuclear attack. C public policy has always been one of the “no first use rule” while maintaining a deterrent retaliatory force targeted for countervalue targets.


C Nuclear Arsenal

Natal Pluto at Cancer 24:29 in 7th house is conjunct 4th ruler Natal Mars at Cancer 21:44, opposed by 7th ruler Natal Moon. They are aspected by Natal Rahu at Pisces 23:33 in the 3rd house tightly. Natal Mars does aspect strong Natal Venus in the 10th house. Natal Mars is not that strong and is opposed by a soft planet Natal Moon.

The nuclear arsenal is strongly influenced by an emotional 4th ruler Natal Mars. The nuclear arsenal is mounted at its homeland and is most probably used for defence and retaliation purposes only. Its armoury is too emotional and it is reluctant to consider activating the nuclear option.


Face Off 02

Face Off 02



R nuclear arsenal is armed by the 4th ruler in the 4th house controlled by a very strong benefic Natal Venus. It is unlikely to use its nuclear arsenal for world domination. C nuclear arsenal is also armed by the 4th ruler which means it is mainly for homeland security. U nuclear arsenal is armed by the 10th ruler tightly and its 10th ruler Natal Mercury is in the 8th house. This can be world domination through shady means and nuclear option is on the table.

Next, we will draw up a profile of a nuclear fallout. Based on the 3 nuclear policies, stances and birth charts, the first country that has used a nuclear bomb is highly likely to also be the country that will detonate the second nuclear bomb. That is “Big Girls” country. What are “Big Girls”?


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