Venus Trilogy: Why Love Dies

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Venus Trilogy: Why Love Dies

Everybody has to experience love in their life. Some people loves their family very much. Some people loves their husband/wife very much. And some people loves their children very much. Sometimes life strikes and you get separated from your loved ones or your loved ones pass away, leaving you stranded in life. Venus gives love but what takes away your loved ones?

All beings come to love and all beings come to die. Everyone experience love in their life. The answer to the million dollar question to love does not have to be complicated. Read this and take with you a life of love. Venus as the planetary leader of the Asuras, has the potential to give love, compassion, and far more wealth and luxury than what Jupiter has to offer. What does it mean to love then? What does it take to love?

Venus rules Maraka Houses?

In Vedic Astrology, Maraka planets have great importance in playing the role of the death of a person. Maraka planets in a person’s birth chart consists of the 2nd house and 7th house and their rulers. Maraka planets have death-inflicting attributes and causes death to a person. We can see how the maraka planets mainly adopt their maraka energies based on the concept of bhavat bhavam. The eight house represents longevity and 12th house from it is the 7th house which represents the loss of longevity. The third house represents the life force of a person and 12th house from it is the 2nd house which represents the loss of life energy. If you compare the maraka planets houses and the natural signs of those houses, maraka planets originally belongs to the horoscope signs of Taurus and Libra. Taurus rules the original 2nd house of childhood and family, and Libra rules the original 7th house of spouse. Both 2nd and 7th houses are the maraka houses of death. Both signs have obvious similarities and they both are ruled by Venus. Why is Venus the original planet of maraka houses?

Venus and Death

Let’s take a Taurus Ascendant for example. Taurus is ruled by Venus. For Taurus, Venus rules the 1st house of self and 6th house of health. If you count from the 6th house back to 1st house, 8 houses from the 6th house comes back to the 1st house. 8 houses represents the house of death. Now we look at the other Ascendant sign ruled by Venus, Libra. For Libra Ascendant, Venus rules the 1st house of self and 8th house of death. Both Venusian signs have an acquaintance to death. Coincidence?

Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces and is strongest in this sign. Pisces is the original 12th house of the zodiac and gives the conclusion of one’s life. The 12th house is also the house of loss and end of life. It guides one smoothly to the next life or back to the divine. Venus has a link to the end of life here. Another coincidence?

Venus rules the nakshatras of Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purva Ashada. Purva Ashada is governed by Apas, the goddess of water. It can provide fertility and grants the creation of babies for a woman. Purva Phalguni is ruled by the deity Bhaga. Bhaga is the god of love and marriage and blesses a person with romance, sex, and marriage. However, the nakshatra Bharani is owned by Yama, the god of death! It is the star of restraint like that of a child cramped inside a womb. It can provide birth of a baby but it also provides struggles and restrictions. Eventually the biggest restriction to life is death, as the ultimate inescapable fate for everyone. Why is one of the nakshatras of Venus ruled by the god of death? Venus does not just give love, Venus also has a death inflicting sting.

Why are the houses of Venusian signs the killer houses? Taurus and Libra are the energies of Artha and Kama houses. Why does the peaceful Venus become a ruler of killer houses? Even though Venus the physical planet is not really peaceful and is extremely destructive and hot in nature, full of volcanoes and sulphuric acid, it still represents the goddess of love and beauty. Is it just pure vanity and selfish love that Venus gives? Is Neptune really a higher octave of Venus and strives for selfless love? Does Neptune also have a sting of death like Venus? If so, a taste of both types of love is the aspiration that one should have. If the ultimate aim of life is to experience love, then perhaps this can also give the same planet the power to evolve the little life that have experienced the love that it so desired, and end the little life eventually for evolution.

What if Saturn is a Maraka planet instead?

Saturn rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, the original 10th and 11th houses respectively. If Saturn is the Makara planet instead of Venus, then the 11th house of friends, humanity and large organizations will have death-inflicting capabilities. 11th house is the children of the world, the future of humanity. If this house is a maraka house, then everyone else around you will die instead of your family and spouse. In such a world, everyone will only love themselves and accommodate no others into their love world. Is this the kind of world that you want to live in? A selfish self-contained entity that consciousness is hidden and blind-folded. Such a world is hell indeed.

The Real Purpose of Love

How should one love then? Physical beauty may be the initial spark to a beautiful relationship. If the relationship stops at the physical level, the passion will soon fail as the beauty fades away with time. Starting from courtship, proceeding to a marriage, and ends up in the divorce courts. This is courtship to the divorce courts.

Beautiful mental stimulation unites the two minds together tightly. Learn to love and respect your spouse after years of marriage. Showers and acts of love should not stop and should continue constantly and spontaneously through to the golden years. Mental union alone still does not suffice for a long term relationship. Some couples have absolutely nothing in common but are still able to complement each other with love over the years.

If you exults with love spiritually, then you will attract your soul mate. Do not marry if you cannot find a true soul mate. When the mixture of reasons and feelings between a man and woman are balanced out, delusive thoughts are negated. If conjugal love is moving towards true ideals and the husband and wife grow their life and love together for real soul growth, then the love will continually increase towards fulfillment of all goals for the highest good for both souls.

As we are all children of god, love not in one person but in all that the divine has intended us to. Love only 1 person and limit your divine love in a single person will confine whatever the divine has provided for you in that single love alone. As the creator is the infinite, infinite love can never be contained. When you lose your dearest person in your heart, grieve not for true love is never lost and you will meet your loved ones in the heavenly realm. Love itself is not lost and exist in every single living being. The infinite will continuously take away your loved ones and your perceived as one and only one true love again and again, until you learn to love all as he has intended and that his spirit exist in every single one of us in his image that he has created in you. One day you will begin to seek the divine as your ultimate goal and the divine love through all.

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Venus Trilogy – Why Love Dies

Venus Trilogy: Why Love Dies

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