Lot of Fortune

Lot of Fortune

Lot of Fortune

Arabic Lot of Fortune

(Part of Fortune)

The Arabic Parts are sensitive points in the birth chart that doesn’t relate to any real planets. They are calculated based on the natal planets at birth. The most famous point would be the Part of Fortune / Lot of Fortune (LoF). It relates to the physical fortune of a person and when a person would come into possession of some fortune in life. Fortune can come in terms of material possessions, reputation, life privileges, etc.

There are many Arabic Parts. Some examples would be:-

  • Lot of Necessity
  • Lot of Courage
  • Lot of Victory
  • Lot of Nemesis
  • Lot of the Father
  • Lot of the Mother
  • Lot of Sibling
  • Lot of Children

Just to name a few.

We are going to explore only 3 of the most important Lots.


1. Lot of Fortune (LoF) / Part of Fortune

Lot of Fortune relates to the physical prosperity of a person. It can refer to worldly successes, career, physical fortune, etc. The formula to calculate it is as below, depending whether you are a day or night birth.

LoF = ASC + Moon – Sun (Day Births)

LoF = ASC + Sun – Moon (Night Births)


2. Lot of Spirit (LoS) / Part of Spirit

The Lot of Spirit refers to the spiritual fortune of a person. It refers to the spiritual well-being and soul fulfilment of a person. Both Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit are inter-related and their calculations involve both the luminaries of the Sun and Moon. They refer to the duality of spirit and matter.

LoS = ASC + Sun – Moon (Day Births)

LoS = ASC + Moon – Sun (Night Births)


3. Lot of Love (LoL) / Part of Eros

Lot of Love simply refers to Lot of Eros. This Hermetic Lot refers to a point where pleasure is experienced. Things that are pleasing to the spirit, things that one enjoys, things that make one happy and entertained. Relationship and Love is one such thing.

LoL = ASC + Venus – Spirit (Day Births)

LoL = ASC + Spirit – Venus (Night Births)


Lot Activation

Generally, whenever a great benefic like Transit Jupiter conjuncts or aspects one of these Arabic Lots, one would experience fortune. When a malefic planet like Transit Saturn does the same, one may experience sufferings.

Another way that it would be activated is to be in contact with another person. A person’s spouse has a lifelong activation of these Arabic Lots if he/she has a natal planet near to one of these Arabic Lot of yours. The natal planet either has to conjunct or oppose the Lot point, or have special aspects to the Lot point like Jupiter’s 5th, 9th aspect, Mars’s, 4th, 8th aspect, Saturn’s 3rd, 10th aspect, Rahu/Ketu 5th, 9th aspect.


Person A’s Lot of Fortune: Aries 5

Person B’s Any Planet: Aries 5 (Conjunction)

Person B’s Any Planet: Libra 5 (Opposition)

Person B’s Jupiter/Rahu/Ketu 5th aspect: Sagittarius 5

Person B’s Jupiter/Rahu/Ketu 9th aspect: Leo 5

Person B’s Saturn 3rd aspect: Aquarius 5

Person B’s Saturn 10th aspect: Cancer 5

Person B’s Mars 4th aspect: Capricorn 5

Person B’s Mars 8th aspect: Virgo 5


Any planet of Person B above would be in contact with Person A’s Lot of Fortune.

The degree of activation would be the whole house of 30 degrees. Any orb of within 3 degrees is extremely tight and it’s contact to the Lot point is very potent.


Person A’s Lot of Fortune: Aries 5

Person B’s Sun: Libra 0-30 (In Contact)

Person B’s Sun: Libra 2-8 (Extremely tight contact)


If Person A has Lot of Fortune at Aries 5, and Person B has a natal planet like the Sun at Libra 0-30 degrees, it would activate Person A’s Lot of Fortune. If the natal planet is within a 3 degree orb, the natal planet contact with the Person’s A Lot of Fortune would be potent and extremely powerful. i.e. if Person B’s Sun is between Libra 2 to Libra 8.

Lastly, you can apply the same method from Person A’s Lot of Fortune with Person B’s marriage chart (navamsha chart) natal planets as well. The closer the contact, the more potent the activation of the Lot points are.


Western degrees and Vedic sidereal degrees

When you calculate the Lot point like Lot of Fortune in western degrees, you need to convert it to the sidereal degrees in order to use it in a vedic chart. You have to subtract approximately 24 degrees 10 minutes off the western degrees.


If Lot of Fortune in western degrees is Libra 29:29, converting it to sidereal degrees would be Libra 5:19. The Lot of Fortune would be Libra 5:19 in a vedic chart.


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Warhol wishes you great fortune, happy spirit, and lots of love!

More to come.




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