Venus Trilogy Encore: Who To Love

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Venus Trilogy Encore: Who To Love

Is there someone who is worthy of your love? Why is it that sometimes you lose your relationships? Is there a soulmate for you on this earth? People with a weak Venus or afflicted Venus always tend to have bumps in their love life. This article addresses many common problems that a person can have with their relationships, including their spouse and everybody else that they relate themselves with. Insights are given to let you know who is your twin flame, your soulmate that you are supposed to spend your life with.

Who is your Lover?

Venus is the electrical spark that radiates within you! The magnetic attraction gleaming with passion, procreates in the continual existence of mankind. Everyone has a little Venus inside, waiting to fulfill its creative destiny and satisfy with sensual pleasures. Who in the world is the person who can quench your thirst of love and the urge of a union? Do you want to be in love, and then fall? Or do you prefer to fall in love? The goal is to shift you from the first situation to the latter one. To see how you resonate with another person, put the 2 birth charts together to analyse. For the fragile Venusians, there is always hope.

Venus Afflictions

Whenever your Venus is weak or afflicted, a conjunction or aspect from your lover’s Jupiter (or anyone that you interact or relate with) to your Venus is the greatest blessing that you can have. These people are great joy in your life. When Venus is afflicted, it means that your Venus is either conjunct or aspected by malefics of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Sun. Mars is a little neutral in this case. Your lover’s Jupiter aspects to your Venus also works if your Venus is situated in the difficult dusthana houses of 6, 8, and 12. The tighter your lover’s Jupiter aspects your Venus, the more blessed you are in love. However, there are exceptions. One exception would be that your lover’s Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. If his/her Jupiter is debilitated in the first place, it might be too weak to give the full blessings of Jupiter.

When your Venus is weak, an aspect from your lover’s Rahu could help. Generally Rahu is a malefic, but when your Venus is not strong enough, an aspect from your partner’s Rahu can help to expand your Venusian qualities. It means that you are attracted to your lover. Love helps you to conquer life and with passion and effort, you can make the relationship work.

Venus with the Moon Nodes, Rahu and Ketu

When your Venus is conjunct or aspected by Rahu, it can help if your lover’s Ketu is conjunct or aspecting your Venus and Rahu. It can nullify the malefic excess effects of Rahu. With your spouse’s Ketu conjunct or tightly aspecting your Venus and Rahu, it can balance off the excess and desire that your Venus and Rahu are churning up. If a person has Natal Jupiter conjunct or tightly aspecting your Venus and Rahu, his/her Jupiterian wisdom can guide your Rahu’s malefic effects but beware that both Jupiter and Rahu are expansion. This is a double-edged sword here.

Vice Versa when your Venus is conjunct or aspected by Ketu, it can help if your lover’s Rahu is conjunct or aspecting your Venus and Ketu. It can alleviate the depletion force of Ketu on Venus and expand on your Venusian love qualities. If a person has Rahu in the same sign as your Venus and Ketu, he/she is going to expand your Venus qualities and neutralize the undesirable effects of your Ketu to a certain degree. Both Rahu and Ketu are the moon nodes and represents the extremes. Having Rahu here is a wildcard, but since your Venus is already affected by Ketu, what else have you got to lose? If your spouse or another person has his/her Jupiter conjunct or aspect your Venus and Ketu, the person’s Jupiter is going to keep your Ketu in check and guide your blind Ketu. The malefic effects of Ketu will be neutralized to a certain extend and gives a very loving, wise, faithful spouse.

Debilitated Venus in Virgo

Lastly, when your Venus is debilitated in Virgo and you meet someone with Mercury in Virgo, don’t let him/her go. It is not a coincidence! When a debilitated planet is conjunct an exalted planet or a planet that is strong in its own sign, the exalted or strong planet will uplift the debilitated planet to a certain degree. If you have Venus in Virgo, you are going to resonate well with people with Mercury in Virgo. Mercury uplifts Venus in the sign of Virgo because Mercury is exalted in Virgo. Mercury operates best in the sign of Virgo. This creates an alliance between one’s Venus with another’s Mercury and generates a Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, a cancellation of the debilitation of Venus. They are able to analyse the details meticulously with their logical mind and catch up with your demands. It is what Mercury does best in. If they cannot meet your standards, no one else can. That’s pretty much the best that you can get. Whatever your demands are, they can understand. What you lack, he/she can give, and that is a miracle of love.

Cultivate your Venus

Even if you don’t have any of the good combinations of Venus with the other party, you can always strengthen your Venus outwardly and inwardly for the better. Pacify your afflicted Venus with different remedies. Wear white clothings or ornaments on Venusian Fridays. However, nothing beats invigorating your Venus from within. Never worry about your afflicted Venus! Even the person with the most afflicted Venus can have love, for love is but a quality within initially. In the beginning, it is not about 2 people. You have to work on your inner Venus first. Be conscious of yourself and how you are relating yourself with any person you are socializing with. Venus is sociability. You want a beautiful Venus? Think Harmony!

Enjoy the dazzling ardor of Venus retrograding in Pisces now! The next time Venus retrogrades, it will aviate in the sign of Libra! May true love finds its way to you!~

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Venus Trilogy Encore – Who To Love

Venus Trilogy Encore: Who To Love


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