The Great Depression 2?

The Great Depression 2

The Great Depression 2?

The realism of the world is still lodged in the struggle of power and imperialism. There is still a lot of evolution waiting for it to transform into a better future globally. Empires have come and gone. The longest Roman empire lasts for more than 1000 years. That was during the Kali yuga where darkness is strongest upon this planet. We are currently moving away from this age of darkness. We are estimated to be in Dwapara yuga and approaching Treta yuga soon. We are closing in to the age of light gradually at a slow pace.

During the roman empire, progress was slow and there was no globalization to the extent that we see today. Most importantly, the outer planets were not yet discovered by human. The very first observation made by Galileo only started in 1612. All outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto play a big part in transforming human consciousness to a much higher level in a transcendental way. So the actual effects of the outer planet only began manifesting themselves on the physical plane from the 16th century onwards, which is only a bare 400 years ago.

The first Spanish Empire was one of the largest empires in history that started off with the union of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. The empire spans across a big area of America, South America, and some parts of western Europe. There were numerous mistakes near the end of the Spanish era where there were over-expansion, over-taxation, squandering of resources for warfare, power struggles within its court, and a tendency to focus on foreign colonies like American colonies and a neglect of its own domestic economy, etc. A big gap between the rich and poor rises the income inequality, and is also a sign of a declining economy. The empire basically ended in 1898 after the Spanish-American War. Since then, the rise of America began which also overtook the British empire in the 19th century.

The British empire once covered more than 22% of the land mass and more than 20% of the world’s population in 1938. Where is it now? There is only one common result of all empires. They have disappeared. Today, we have a world hegemony holding the global currency and the world biggest economy. Anything happens to it sends a shock wave throughout the world. It is an empire owning many foreign military bases across nations.

The empire has multiple foreign policies that operate to control the world and serve its own national interests, both openly and covertly. You can see it in the its chart with its Natal Pluto in Uttara Ashada nakshatra opposing its 10th ruler Mercury in the 8th house. This is the addiction of the desire to control the world which will lead to its downfall at some point in time. Rahu (North node of the moon) is also in the 8th house. In addition, Saturn in the 10th house also disposits to the 8th house and ruler of the 8th is the Moon in the 3rd house. It is doing it successfully to many countries. In other cases, it has also failed miserably causing great instability. The empire has a history of performing regime changes all over the world, sometimes covertly through propaganda and black ops, and sometimes through open force. Some call it interventions, some call it expeditions, some call it special operations. To a normal civilian, it simply means no peace. Wars are inherently expensive. If an empire that has reached its peak get into any future wars, it may exhaust its resources and accelerate its downfall. That was how the British empire and other empires fell. The Dutch empire declined after Anglo-Dutch War. Britain won the world wars but lost its empire.

Rahu in 8th house dispositing to the Natal Moon as ruler of the 8th in the 3rd house, if its used purely for mundane purposes can actually spread lies and disinformation. Moon being in Satabishak nakshatra links back to Rahu in 8th house can also take dirty manipulative actions like supporting any groups that promote regime change, etc.

The current empire has imposed many countries with its multiple sanctions and the practice has become more unilateral. This may drop hints to other countries that its currency and economy is not reliable unless all the countries serve its national interests. This is also the effects of the planetary combination that we can see from here. 10th ruler, 8th house, Pluto, Rahu. And of course 2nd ruler Saturn does disposit to 8th house. Unprecedented steps to the freezing of the central bank reserves and the gradual switching of the petrodollar will accelerate the devaluation of the dollar. Countries do not want their bank reserves to be touched and the second freezing of the assets is pounding a shock to the system. Confidence in the dollar is eroding. 10% of the countries in the world have been sanctioned. This 10% will be the first to leave when they find the opportunity. No one expected the empire to dedollarize itself.

The Saudis took the lead in the 1970s to make the dollar dominant in the oil market and rest of the OPEC members followed. Once the Saudis have confirmed the change, their partial diversification may be an initial symbolic trigger of the beginning of the end of the petrodollar. Diversification seems to be the obvious choice for other countries who are tightly pegged to the dollar. More watershed moments will be created in the financial world in the future if other food and mineral commodities denomination are changing hands to other currencies. Then we may have a currency multipolarity where there are currencies competition. This is just a wake-up call. The fall of the dollar may be gradual at first just like how the British pound fell. A humongous national debt is its own death trap. Each succeeding president has a heavier economic debt than the previous one. The solution that the empire has practiced many times is to raise the debt ceiling to avoid the risk of a default.

The global reserve currency was the guilder in the 16th century. It changed hand to the British pound in 18th century and to the American dollar in 19th century. The exorbitant privilege of printing more money leading to a financial crisis has happened all the time. Is the world reserve currency looking for a new owner soon? Once the reserve currency owner fails to borrow more money to pay its debt and more are looking to sell its currency and get out, a financial bubble is waiting to be burst. When you see a big sell off in dollar, the decline is accelerating or it might just be too late as it can happen very fast. All the global currencies in the past roughly fell in the same way.

If you start seeing the rich and oligarchs start leaving the country with their assets, you know what is happening. Unless it reaches a point where they are barred from leaving the country. If they are capable of freezing others’ bank reserves and liquidating assets, they are also capable of calling for a redistribution of wealth of the country near the final stage of an empire decline. The oligarchs will strongly defy this movement and of course they will hide their money offshore. This is not a stomping of the capitol. This is a whole lot worse.

Will this all continue to the enlightening age of Satya yuga? Will we still have wars in Satya yuga? There are still thousands of years before we reach there. Unfortunately, as long as there is sales of arms in the world, there will be war. The world economy today is tightly pegged to arm sales. The profits from arm sales at the expense of human lives of the current empire can be seen from Ascendant ruler Natal Jupiter and 11th ruler of gains Venus both being in cruel Ardra nakshatra conjunct a strong weaponizing Mars in Mrigashira own nakshatra, and linking through Ardra to Natal Rahu and Mercury in the 8th house. And 2nd ruler of wealth Natal Saturn in 10th house is also mutual aspecting weaponizing Mars in the 7th house of business and competition, selling weapons and weaponizing its dollar. The multiple sanctions and the freezing of the bank reserves is a weapon. In the land of the free, virtually anyone can wield a gun, and it is enjoying lucrative arm sales to multiple countries.

“America has stopped producing products, we produce bubbles”, said Robert Kiyosaki. The current empire is no longer productive and it is not constructive. It’s best industry is the defense industry that sell weapons. We can see this from the stellium of planets including a strong weaponizing Mars in the 7th house of business as mentioned above. NATO is the platform that lies the foundation for its weapon industry. NATO is a military organization, it is not a peaceful organization and it exists to serve as the marketplace for the current empire. 7th house is the house of competition and open enemies. The empire is the ultimate of materialism. The stellium of planets in the 7th house makes it the king of materiality. The 1st house is the upright triangular tip of life and spirituality. The 7th house is the inverted triangular tip of materialism.

For the current empire to flourish on its defense industry, it will always need an enemy. It will never accept the whole world to join NATO, because then it will have no profit in a peaceful world. It is constantly looking for an enemy to wage wars directly or indirectly so that it can sell weapons. In other words, there must always be wars. When can the world have peace? We must first be humans before we can have a country.

The second industry that the empire is good in is its Hollywood fantasies. This can be seen from the 2nd ruler of wealth Saturn and Neptune in the 10th house. Neptune represents movies. Recently, it has combined its 2 strongest industries to amplify its war objectives. The empire of lies uses its 8th ruler Natal Moon in the 3rd house to strengthen its lies and propaganda. This is widely known when even Senator Rand Paul questioned Alejandro Mayorkas regarding the Ministry of Truth “Do you know who the greatest propagator of disinformation in the history of the world is? The US government!”. Then the empire uses its Hollywood celebrities to rally the war that it wages. It also made fake short film scenarios for propaganda to attract different demographic people to join in the war.

The Saudis which are considering to diversify its currency in oil trades and uses less dollar transactions has become a target for the current empire. It is a threat to the empire’s petrodollar. A few years from now before we know it, there can be another propaganda against the Saudis and there will be American boots on the land of Saudi Arabia. There can be sanctions and a war against the Saudi Arabia.

The empire is in Rahu period now and Natal Rahu is in the 8th house of anarchy with 10th ruler of reputation Mercury. They disposit to the 8th ruler Moon in the 3rd house of communications and propaganda. This Rahu period will only end sometime in 2033. This explains that the current empire is an empire of lies with its propaganda and regime change activities. Its 7th ruler Natal Mercury represents its enemy countries and Mercury also represents its 10th house of world reputation. Natal Mercury is in the 8th house of destruction. It is a destroyer of countries. In its fear of falling in the world, it is sending threats and waging wars to all who oppose it. It is no longer productive and it is pulling the whole world down with its destructive activities. The empire is fighting wars on too many fronts. Europe has become its sacrificial lamb and many more countries will have a similar fate. There is no peace in the world when the world hegemony represents one word, Chaos.

Besides representing open enemies, the 7th ruler Mercury can also represent allies and partnerships and it is opposed by Natal Pluto closely. This can mean a betrayal of its allies just like how it betrayed the Kurds in Afghanistan. This rings true of the statement made by the former secretary of state, Henry Kissinger “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

This day, a global decoupling stamping from geopolitical rivalry may increase the global income inequality and hamper global trade. This temporary transition will not be easy and the world becomes more divided economically and politically. The poorest and most vulnerable countries will take the first hit. This is a global decline before a new shape is taking form.

In a research analysis of the world in 2050 by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world economy would have doubled in size. On average, the top emerging markets are growing twice as fast as the advanced economies. Of course this is just a projection of the different countries GDP, without considering the impact of world affairs and major events. It is just an estimation by PricewaterhouseCoopers and any changes along the way is possible. By the year 2050, US GDP would fall not just to the 2nd rank but to the 3rd rank in this analysis. Some emerging markets would climb substantially up the chart like Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam. US and Europe will steadily lose ground. One would wonder what is going to happen to the US in 2050.

If the current US chart being used is accurate enough, it would be going through its Saturn period in the late 2049. This is a very important assumption for everything that is being analyzed here. It’s Natal Saturn has a big part to play in the equation. Hold on to this fact.

The great depression happened in 1929. It begins from the US and subsequently affects the world in various proportions at different timings. It began with a major fall in stock prices  near September 4, 1929. The next three years, the world GDP fell by 15%. There were of course other recessions and depressions after that but this is the notorious Great Depression. For example, the subprime crisis in 2008 caused a worldwide GDP to fall by 1% only. So what is so critical of this Great Depression compared to other calamities? You guessed it! The Great Depression is the Saturn period of the US. In fact, the Saturn period starts in September 1929.

Why is Saturn period so difficult for the US? Why is Natal Saturn such a detrimental planet for it? The answer can be found in the US chart. Let’s explore why Saturn is so tormenting to the US chart. In the birth chart of US, Saturn is in the powerful 10th house. Actually it rules the 2nd house of wealth which seems to be a good placement. Instead, it may just represent the fall of power. Saturn is afflicting the stellium of planets in the 7th house where the Ascendant ruler Jupiter is in. From the moon chart, Saturn becomes the Ascendant ruler going into the difficult 8th house. Saturn itself is afflicted by Ketu, and both are afflicting the 10th house of reputation and power together.

These afflictions carry on into the divisional charts. In the D9 navamsha chart, Saturn rules the difficult 8th house and is conjunct the Ascendant ruler Mercury and opposes the 10th ruler Jupiter. Saturn being in Virgo sign in the chart shifting into Leo sign in the navamsha chart depicts a period of loss. Perhaps even more revealing is the D10 Dashamsha chart of profession. Saturn is the 12th ruler in the 12th house of losses conjunct the Sun and aspected by malefic Mars. This is the ultimatum. Natal Saturn is the nemesis of the US.

The transits during the Great Depression in 1929 in comparison with year 2049/2050 have many similarities. In year 1929, Transit Saturn is in the Ascendant. Transit Jupiter is in a quincunx 6/8 with Saturn. Both Transit Saturn and Ketu aspect the stellium of planets in the 7th house. In year 2049, Transit Saturn is in Ascendant again waiting to station oppose the Natal Sun closely on the very first day of the Saturn period. Ascendant ruler Transit Jupiter will be in the 8th house exalted and Ketu will be in the 6th house aspecting the 10th house. All the Transit planets of Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu form a yod. This looks like a fall.

The United States is the most powerful country in the world. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? The leader of today serves as an experience for the future leaders. It is very important for the leader to lead by example. Luke Skywalker learns from the teacher. Skywalker can take in the advice of Master Yoda. Skywalker can absorb the guidance of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Or Skywalker may choose to get tainted in the world of Darth Vader. Actions can be mimicked. Every single action being taken now can serve as a precedent for any case for the countries in the future. The experience of today can mold our global future.

With the 9th ruler Natal Sun in Punarvasu nakshatra conjunct Natal Jupiter and multiple planets, US is a leader in its educational institutions. The Natal Rahu and Mercury in the 8th house reflects its extraordinary research capabilities. At the present time, we are so fortunate to enjoy the infrastructure and the finest institutions that America provides. We enjoy the technological advances and the education that refines a person. We ought to be thankful to America for that.

From history, we have acknowledged the fact that nothing lasts. Not anything in physical can last, no country, no empire, not any creation, no human being can last. Not unless you can rise from the dead. This is why it is important to learn from mistakes from history and improve ourselves. Empires come and go, if only we are sensible enough to let it be war-free. Today without humans, the planet is actually very peaceful. Why the earlier empires fell, why the British empire and British pound fell, why current empire and its currency is falling, and why future empires and currencies will fall is not only because that nothing lasts, but also that all the empires in the world have followed the same path.

Why is the Great Depression important in history? It was the worst financial disaster triggered by the Wall Street crash in 1929. The depression lasted almost 10 years. Unemployment rate reached 25% in 1933. World GDP fell 15%. International trade fell 50%. Most importantly, it is US nemesis time, Saturn. Countries less coupled with US will have a lesser impact.

From year 2049, US would enter into its Saturn period. Saturn period is a long 19 years. What is more intriguing is, World War 2 also happened in its Saturn period. One concept that may come into play is that over-optimism and overexpansion may happen as they are traits of Jupiter/Rahu period which happens in 2047. The switch from Jupiter/Rahu period to Saturn period around 2049 may cause a self-implosion. Another somewhat treacherous period would be around 2052 June 10 when Transit Saturn would station on its Natal Moon exactly whereby Transit Pluto is nearby. Natal Moon rules the 8th house. Transit Saturn on this Moon can be a return of karma, normally not a pleasant one. Some crisis may be looming around within those years from 2049 onwards. It may well be another bubble to bust crisis. The karma of darkness is humbling it down asking it to payback for the indulgence that it has feasted on the world.

The US needs to steer towards a more productive path starting from its foundation. It’s current Machiavellian strategy of warmongering is not sustainable. Propaganda and wars are not feasible in the long term. How many more countries have to be destroyed in order to sustain the US status? What it fears is that when its economic power and military power are challenged and it failed, it will collapse. The US will go bankrupt. When it collapses, there is no protection for its citizens and many of its citizens do not have healthcare. However after the overvalued dollar falls, it may become a more attractive country in its exports.

The ego of countries is causing sufferings to the world. The underhand dealings of the governments have its consequences. The time around year 2032 and beyond doesn’t look good for the world as well. The world is paying for the anger and division by the darkness. Ego, darkness, and greed are repaid with losses. The price is heavy for humanity folly actions. We are sleepwalking into a disaster, punished by our own actions. This may be unavoidable now. The years 2032, 2033 onwards look gloomy for a while. I hope that this is wrong and it becomes just pure entertainment, but it looks pretty serious. Humanity is being punished by the darkness that it has indulged in. Humans are the authors of their own destruction. Please enjoy the current precious peace for the next decade. The anger and hatred must first go before reasoning can take place, and then nurture and protect yourself with good thoughts. Only then can the collective consciousness of the masses can alleviate the situation.

The power of hatred is undermined by man. The power of hatred is as strong as the power of attraction itself. When you cherish something physical very much, when you crave for that piece of black forest gateau, you will reincarnate looking for that one thing you think about intensely. Similarly, how ironic it would be for Hitler to be reborn as a Jew or an American. You are powerful enough to transform yourself into the object of your enmity. The mind is neutral by itself. It doesn’t distinguish between love and hate. It draws upon the energy that you feed it.

If you are tightly knitted to the US economy from 2050, it is wise to diversify your assets just before that. It waits to be seen how the rest of the world economies will evolve. As for the US, it may go for a nosedive just like the one in 1929. There must be some nested eggs to shield you for a period of time against uncertain adverse events. Putting all your eggs in one basket may expose you to huge risks and you may have a great fall in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Falling back to the psychological level of survival can be very stressful. Try to take care of your basic needs when the time comes.

Don’t worry about these negative events. Now that you know about it in advance, you are already far ahead of others. There are certain things that you can make preparations ahead of time. Stay alert on what the external circumstances are in your country, in your business, etc. When the time comes around year 2032 or 2049, you can make the choice to either change your life direction, relocate, stop business expansions or readjust to the new circumstances. Or you may make a killing by short selling certain stocks in the market if you have the hindsight. Also refer to the Fly to the Future series links below to find out the future trend that can guide you along your way to success for the next two decades. You can request for an astrology consultation on below link for detailed assistance.

Will there be a second great depression? Let’s find out in 2050! It might even be earlier than that. The question is actually when. With the exclusion of all external factors, only one thing is certain. This is the American crisis 2049. We are not talking about something like the Subprime crisis or Covid19 crisis. We are referring to a possibility of a crisis at the level of the Great Depression.


Disclaimer: This article is mainly based on astro-logical analysis only. Analysis and details do not provide actual advice.




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