Know Your Children Before They Are Born Part 1

Know Your Children Before They Are Born 01

Know Your Children Before They Are Born Part 1

Your children are your precious creation. No one else will produce the kind of children that you have just like there is only one of you in the whole world. You are unique by your own personality, by your own thumbprint. There is only one You in this world. Nobody else will be exactly like you.

People around you are linked in mysterious ways that you do not see. Everybody are interconnected in the world that you do not know. So how are you connected to your children?

Children are the future of humanity. They continue your bloodline in one way or another. How they behave and how they live depends on a large part from you and your ancestors. They inherit certain characteristics from you as well as according to their own karma. Their karma mold themselves to be your children in this life.

To live is to know thyself. To love your children is to know your own creation. How each child behaves will depend on his/her sequence in the chain of births.

If you do not have any children yet, then this article might be of special interest to you. As the birth chart of your children do not exist yet, you shall have the foresight to see how they might likely behave beforehand.

1st Child

Your First Child is read from the 5th house. The 1st child will behave primarily on how you think with your mind and how you express your love. As 5th house is the house of your creativity, the first child will exhibit more of your creative qualities. As the child is also your partner/spouse’s child, it also include his/her creative qualities. The 1st child expresses himself/herself a large part of you and your spouse’s creative qualities. However, as 5th house is the main house of children in general, it will bring its qualities to all of your children, but in different magnitude. The more creative you are, the more you will love your children as your own creation, especially your 1st child. Being the eldest child in the family, there is a good chance that he/she has some planets in his/her 11th house of eldest sibling!

2nd Child

Your Second Child can mainly be seen from the 7th house. 3rd house is the house of sibling. As the 2nd child is the sibling of the 1st child, it is 3 houses away from the 5th house which ends up in the 7th house. As the 7th house is the house of your spouse, your 2nd child will exhibit qualities very similar to your spouse. 7th house is also 4th house from the 4th house. This means that your 2nd child will also have a character similar to that of your own maternal grandmother. As children is the product of both you and your spouse, thus your 2nd child will exhibit attributes of you, your maternal grandmother, your spouse, and your spouse’s maternal grandmother. The more attracted you are to your spouse and maternal grandmother, the more likely you are to love your 2nd child more. Of course one should love all their children. However as each child develop a different unique personality, they will react differently to you and your birth chart.

3rd Child

Your Third Child is the sibling of your 2nd child. Counting 3 houses away from the 7th house is the 9th house. 9th house is the house of your father. To put it simply, the 3rd child will have a character and life similar to that of your father and your spouse’s father combined. As the 9th house is the house of luck and fortune as well as grandchildren, the luckier you are generally in life, the luckier your 3rd child will be. And of course the luckier your grandchildren will be!

The next article will reveal information on the rest of the children as well as some extra valuable tips. Beware both the beauty and the beast of your own creation! Love them the way as they are!

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