Fly to the Future Part 3

Fly to the Future 2040 - Part 3

Fly to the Future Part 3

Flying through to 2040!

So what is coming your way in the next 20 years? We just had a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in 2021. What leads us to the next step? A war? The conflict between Russia and Ukraine existed back around 360 years ago! What a coincidence! Many things will cycled back every 180 years! Neptune itself transits over the entire zodiac in 165 years. Consequently, sometimes Neptune effects can be immersed in the same or nearby era.

In the coming future, more than 90% of the people will be immersed in various stuffs like movies, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, etc. This will be a very big trend for the mundane world. Online theatre and the common cinemas will bloom. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and other streaming service are going to flourish even though they can be saturated with competition. Virtual reality will be very developed. Everything that is unreal will turn out to feel so real.

While virtual things are becoming more popular, some unlucky ones will be deceived by loan scams, bank scams, sex scams, phone scams. Everyone wants ‘fake stuff’ or real-real stuff which is spirit, anything but physical. Scams are virtual gains that has no substance. Many people will be easily deceived. Beware of what you are buying.

For the employees and salarymen, your image will be your most valued asset. Your image is non-tangible, non-physical, totally virtual. During the next two decades, your image will be your most valuable asset. It will bring in wealth for you in the most unimaginable ways. So how do you create or improve your image in the company? Make yourself known. Display your topmost qualities! Be the problem-solver for your boss! When one thinks of quality work, the first person that they think of is you. When you display your strengths, your image is reinforced tremendously. You will be the first person that your boss counts on. You will be the one people sought after!

For business owners, you want to build a brand. Similarly, the brand carries the best marketing tool itself. Make something special or memorable on your product or service. Build trust with your customers. Your brand has to attact a certain niche of people that likes your brand, its image and its features. You will attract your own crowd. Whatever you are doing well in your business, keep repeating those positive values.

Your brand cannot be fake. The operations must work at the bottom line. That is a given. Your product or service must deliver! Imitations are not going to do as well. You can paint a perfect “Guernica” but you cannot be Picasso. You can sing “Time to say Goodbye” in American Idol in the most marvelous way, but you are not Andrea Bocelli or Sarah Brightman. Originality will be much more popular in nature. People will come back for more and keep wanting more from you. They are being attached to your brand. There may be multiple brands of the same service or products out there but they are specifically looking for you! Over time, your brand will create sentimental attachments to your customers. Individual branding will be on the rise and there will be more influence from personal brands. Some personal brands, individual services, influencers on social media, independent journalists and content creators will be in favour over corporate brands. This is the age of individualism.

Everything is in a cycle, so are the countries rotating their destinies. Remember how Australia launched “Best job in the world” campaign looking for a caretaker of Queensland’s Hamilton Island? In this coming era, our neighbour in Down Under is going to prosper fabulously. This is followed by some countries located above Australia, including Solomon Islands.

It is going to be a virtual world. Within the virtual world, people are seeking for many things. Some people are shopping within the Metaworld to find the desired Gucci bag. Many will not miss that upcoming latest trend in clothes. There may be no physical queues to the shops and they sell anyway. Burberry will find it hard to have leftover end of season stock. Because it’s all sold out in the virtual world! The Brand sells!

The same goes to cryptocurrency, NFT, blockchain technology etc. Many more virtual products and services will pop up. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway poured $500 million into Brazil’s Nubank. Digital banks are now competing with traditional financial institutions. Experience in a fintech company keeps you on top of the list for headhunters.

Within this chaotic times, there will be confusions. Certain system will undergo changes and become decentralized. When there are changes, there are opportunities. Where there are chaos, heroes and leaders emerge. As system get decentralized, people chip into the empty market to fill the void. If you spot it, grab the market share fast! Some opportunists will staccato their way into early retirement. A new world is slowly emerging and there will be several diversifications.

Success is yours if you are swift! This era is for the fast and furious. I don’t mean cars. If you have a planet in the fire signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, you have some potential to be successful in the next two decades. The criteria is fast! Secondarily, if you have any planet in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you too have some potential to be successful as you are the action-takers. If all of your planets are in the earthy signs of Taurus, Virgo, or even Capricorn, you might be a little slow in this era of speed. How fast do you fall asleep? How fast do you wake up from a dream? The tempo is fast. Those who are slow in pace will be left in bewilderment. This is the age of Staccato! Change or be left behind!

There can be an increase in professional gamers. Some who made it to the top wins cash in competitions. Some people will find satisfaction in virtual reality. A pauper in real life can be a millionaire in the virtual world. When they put on their avatar, their character becomes alive. They are king!

What else is fake and virtual? Vanity is fake! Status is fake. These are the qualities the whole world will be ramped up on. Your company branding and your individual image will be the very first thing that people notice. First impression counts! How you look and present yourself will be very noticeable. You have to take care of your façade. Beauty and fashion industry is going to thrive.

There will be more relationships that will strike off on a virtual setting. Anything that is not physical initially is virtual. You can meet someone over the internet, over a game, in the virtual world wearing your avatar, in a spiritual retreat, etc. For the forever waiting, the millennial folks are considering a relationship as bothersome. So much emotions and distresses that just drain your energy away. Who needs a real boyfriend or girlfriend anyway? A virtual one is available! Dating in the real world may leave you a bittersweet experience. On the contrary in the virtual universe, you are the master!

Visual content is a great way to make your products and services more attractive to your customers. Many things will be visually compelling. Culture and elegance will be admired. Fame and allure will be coveted.  Everything must be beautiful. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bizarre behaviour will attract a niche eccentric crowd. It is your personality that attracts. There can be more gadgets that provide luxurious visual pleasure. There can be heavy investments in such technology. These merchandise will be in high demand.

Motivational speakers and counselling work are going to flourish. People want to learn. Everybody wants to dream. Hope is replenished by flames of nourishment. Whoever uplifts you is your benefactor. There will be new energy inventions. Clean energy will be further improved. More budget is going to pour into better defence technology. TNT was discovered unknowingly the last time round. Now we are having a weapon race of hypersonic missile and further. The first paper money was issued the last time. Now currency is going to blend with technology. More middle-aged women will rise into power and success. There will be many others joining the list of MacKenzie Scott, Angela Merkel, Abigail Johnson across many different industries.

“This physical world is actually not real!”, so said the spiritualists. A small percentage of fortunate people will turn more spiritual. In this coming era in the next two decades, many people will feel the void within. They are looking everywhere to fill this void, but in the end the search becomes fruitless. There will be more soulless beings looking for eternal satisfaction. They will begin their search within. The occult and metaphysics industry is going to bloom for it gives hope and meaning back to those forever searching for things that cannot be seen with the physical eyes. Healers and mediums will be more prominent. Empty hearts will be quenched by the ethereal connection.

Many more are seeking a spiritual relationship with the infinite. With a everchanging multi-faceted world, there are just too many fanciful changes that one can hardly keep up with. Many will be lost in the delusion. When you are unable to connect with yourself, nothing else matters. Everything becomes meaningless. To quench your soul’s desires, you begin your eternal search for the meaning of your life. The experience of melting yourself into something bigger than you and your individual experiences will give you the contentment that no physical thing can.

The ‘normal’ mundane real world vanishes temporarily and stays in the back burner for two decades. People sees your façade. Your reputation suddenly becomes your most important asset. In this coming era, it is the world of dreams. Your world is only as big as your dream. The dreamer takes all!


To Be Encored …




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