Finale Futurist: Welcome Ms Brenda! How lovely to have you here today. So can you introduce yourself?

Ms Brenda: I am Brenda, I am the wife of Brennan who has passed away 2 decades ago.

Finale Futurist: Wait, what? You are the wife of Brennan Lee right?

Ms Brenda: No. Who’s Brennan Lee?

Finale Futurist: 911? Boy band? Brennan Lee. Rings a bell?

Ms Brenda: No. My husband died in 911. He was in the World Trade Center on September 11.

Finale Futurist: What? I am sorry. There must be a mistake here. I thought we are talking about the boy band 911 here.

Ms Brenda: *Scratches head*. No. My husband died in 911.

Finale Futurist: *Staring off into space* Ok. What can we do for you today Ms Brenda?

Ms Brenda: I thought we are going to talk about 911. Plane crash. World Trade Center.

Finale Futurist: You mean this?!


Today Our Nation Saw Evil

Today Our Nation Saw Evil


Ms Brenda: Yes!

Finale Futurist: What about it?

Ms Brenda: It’s a fake!

Finale Futurist: It’s a fake?

Finale Futurist: Plane crashed. People died. Building gone. I mean, we are sorry for your loss. But what do you mean it’s a fake?

Ms Brenda: It’s staged!

Finale Futurist: It’s staged? Hang on. Can you explain more? Give us a little background.

Ms Brenda: The building fell, free fall! A plane crash doesn’t cause a free fall, not unless the lower structure was removed by explosives.

Finale Futurist: What are you saying?

Ms Brenda: The bodies were so fragmented that more than 40% of the victims were not identified. The pilots were novice. How could they have executed such a well-organized premeditated attack? And hundreds of witnesses saw explosions seconds before the plane crashed into the building. How can there be explosions even before the plane crashed into the building?

Finale Futurist: Why is it not reported in the news?

Ms Brenda: Because its censored. Because its staged.

Finale Futurist: This is getting interesting. Well, we cannot attest to that because we don’t have evidence. We don’t know where this is going but the floor is yours Ms Brenda.


Mars/Venus Period

Ms Brenda:

911 Attack happens on its Mars/Venus period. Natal Mars is the most malefic planet here ruling the 3rd and 8th house in the birth chart. Natal Mars being conjunct malefic Natal Ketu in the 4th house in Mula nakshatra shows great destruction on the country homeland. Natal Venus being in 11th house shows the great achievement that the attack achieves. Natal Venus being 8th from Natal Mars shows that the great achievement is gained from great destruction. 4th ruler Natal Jupiter with Natal Rahu in Ardra nakshatra in the 10th house together with Natal Moon shows that it is a cruel world-famous event.

In the destiny chart, 5th ruler Natal Mars in the 12th house with Natal Ketu shows a secret political purpose and 4th ruler Natal Venus in the 8th house shows great destruction on country homeland.


Destiny Chart

Who is behind 911 attack?

Ms Brenda:

In the destiny chart of the 911 attack, both Natal Sun and Moon are in the secretive Scorpio sign in the 5th house and it shows an innovative political project in the making.

Natal Neptune in the 10th house shows that it is a show to the public.

Natal Sun, Moon in the 5th house and Natal Neptune in the 10th house disposits to Natal Mars in the 12th house with Natal Ketu. This political project is secretive and destructive. It is all but a lie.

The Ascendant degrees is Cancer 2:27. 12th ruler Natal Mercury at Cancer 3:42 and 8th ruler Natal Saturn at Cancer 7:52 are in the Ascendant. They are exactly on the country chart 10th ruler Natal Mercury at Cancer 3:26 in the 8th house. The government is involved and behind this destructive show of terrorism. It is staged by the government. This is the evidence.


Finale Futurist: The government staged its own terrorist act? Is that what you are saying? What is its motivation?

Ms Brenda: There is more proof in the career chart, the profound career objective of the attack.


Career Chart

The illusion of terrorism

Ms Brenda:

In the career chart of 911 attack, it is the secretive Scorpio with 3 benefics on the Ascendant. It seems to be a great chart with so many benefics. But how great can an attack be when thousands died? Not unless it’s a movie. Not unless its staged. This means the attack is very well-planned out and executed with much ease.

The most malefic 8th and 11th ruler Natal Mercury is in the Ascendant at Scorpio 24:06 conjunct the Ascendant degrees of 22:44. This is not a coincidence! This attack is glamorized with both Natal Jupiter and Venus hemming in Natal Mercury.

1st ruler Natal Mars in the 4th house states the issue is the trouble with its homeland. 4th ruler Natal Saturn is with Natal Moon in Cancer shows depression for its homeland. With 5th ruler Natal Jupiter in the Ascendant at Scorpio 27:08 aspecting its homeland Natal Saturn at Cancer 28:45 exactly shows the political motivation behind.

4th ruler Natal Saturn in Cancer going into the country 8th house shows the distress of its homeland. With Natal Neptune at Capricorn 4:39 and Natal Pluto at Capricorn 7:36, they are tightly conjunct the country Natal Pluto at Capricorn 6:49. There is a great public manipulation of the illusion of homeland terrorism.

Natal Ketu in the 5th house is the indication of the country hedging onto its aged old tactics of propaganda, public manipulation, wars, and other crimes. Natal Ketu ends up in the 4th house of the country chart means the political aim is staged on its own homeland this time.

The 10th ruler Natal Sun being exalted ends up in the 6th house and shows the calculated struggle of the nation. That is why you have the news printing “Today, our nation saw evil”. But the manufactured struggle being in the 5th house of the country chart shows gigantic political source and gains.

Natal Rahu in the 11th house accomplished what it is meant to do. To rouse the public anger to raise support for wars. It is a false flag staged for political benefits. It is a show, but real people died.

Natal Rahu at Virgo 2:14 in the 11th house is aspecting Natal Neptune at Capricorn 4:39 in the 3rd house. Natal Neptune is also closely conjunct Natal Pluto at Capricorn 7:36. It is encouraging an act of great destruction and terrorism.

Natal Rahu being exactly conjunct the country Natal Neptune at Virgo 1:41 in the 10th house nails it as a great motion picture overblown out of proportion. A show that real people actually died for the country’s political aim. Prepping the country for a war ahead to Afghanistan and bringing great business for the weapon industry.


Eventual Beneficiary

Ms Brenda:

In the country chart, 5th ruler Natal Mars at Gemini 0:40 aspects its Natal Neptune at Virgo 1:41 in the 10th house exactly. This highlights the political drive of the country through deception. In 911 birth chart, 11th ruler Natal Moon at Gemini 4:11 is in the 10th house with Natal Jupiter and Rahu. This indicates great gains from the attack eventually. This Natal Moon is conjunct the country Natal Mars at Gemini 0:40 closely. This Natal Mars which represents the Military Industrial Complex of the country is the eventual beneficiary from the staged attack.


911 Finale

Finale Futurist: Wow! We weren’t expecting this. Ms Brenda. This new found news just gave us a shock! We didn’t know such dirty laundry exists. You packed quite a punch there. Thank you for shedding some light for us!

Ms Brenda: Why was the attack date on September 11? Were the terrorists so well-organized to arrange it? Or was there a scriptwriter behind the scene writing a tragedy movie for benefits? Is it my own government that killed my husband and many others?

Finale Futurist: Well, we believe you will have your answer one day. The truth always comes up in the end.

Finale Futurist: So where can people follow the truth of 911 that you were mentioning?

Ms Brenda: They can go to


Peace, War and 9/11



Peace, War and 9/11


Finale Futurist: Alright.

Finale Futurist: We are so sorry to hear about your loss. We hope you can get to the truth one day. But we also do hope that you will find love again one day.

Finale Futurist: DJ Ready? Here’s our song dedication to you, Ms Brenda.

Ms Brenda: Thank You!


911 – The Day We Find Love

911 – The Day We Find Love

911 – The Day We Find Love


Ms Brenda: By the way, that was a lovely song. Why do we not get boy bands nowadays?

Finale Futurist: Well, Brenda. The boy bands era is over. Everything has its own time. It’s the era of women now.


World Trade Center Attack

World Trade Center Attack


Next Episode:

We will have a special guest HB holding an audition to Hollywood.


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