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2024 Trend - The Sky has fallen

2024 Trend


2024 The Sky has fallen

Look! Someone shouted. What is that falling from the sky? It looks like the sky! The sky is falling from the sky? How could that be? What nonsense! A man from far complained “Cut the racket! I am busy here.” We see this man waking up doing his chores every day. The same old same old. At any specific point in time, you could almost guess with excellent certainty on what he is doing, and what he is going to do next.

Many come up to see the rare phenomenon. What is going on? Is it the end of the world? Slowly, the limitless sky falls. At first, flaky like snowflakes. From far ahead, it is falling in chunks that almost look like blizzard storm. From distance behind, the sky is falling in masses that no unit of measurement is wordable. To call the sky falling in an amount is laughable as the whole phenomenon is beyond logic.

Look what is below our feet. People begin walking around on fallen sky. Are we going to die? Are we in heaven? Some curious cats begin playing around with the fallen sky immediately. Some built a Jenga with it and having fun. Not before long, some have become experts and begin creating cups and plates, and even houses out of the fallen sky.

Sandy mud puddles keep growing in size. They became lighter and lighter and merge with each other. Sandy muds of all sizes and grains of sand begin to float and people have no idea on what is going on. The sky is no longer empty. It is amassing the floating mud. The earth is replacing the void of sky. We could call it, “The earth is the limit” now.

A wise owl exclaimed, “I told you this is going to happen. I told you!” The wise owl holding down big piles of land firmly and begin mixing the earth he held down with the fallen sky. Amazingly, the fusion seems even more magnificent than the ordinary new sky-made cups and plates.

Not before long, an entire city is visible in the clouds. There is only 1 thing peculiar about it. No one can touch it. Many begin jumping up to reach the city in the clouds, but none succeed. A sense of loss surrounds the jumpers in fear as if the sky has fallen. Their wishes came true, but no jumpers are happy about it.

Some look upon the newfound treasures below their feet. “How is this possible? I always wanted this!“ Some look under their feet in disgust and their expressions seem similar to the jumpers. The whole scene was a total chaos.

One merchant came forward and tried to sell me some ‘sky’. Why would I buy sky from him when I can pick it up under my feet right now. I had a look with the ‘sky’ that he is selling. I touched it and opened it, there’s just more sky within the ‘sky’. I rejected the deal. “Sneaky merchant”, I thought.

I picked up a chunk of the newfound material under my feet and examine it closely. I found them to be nothing but Lego blocks, except that the sizes vary in uncountable variations. I smell it. I taste it. I kiss it. It is indeed odd, or rather familiar. So distinctive that I recall from a distant past that this phenomenon is not new. Wait, that’s it! It is not odd at all. Evolution seems to have expressed itself on a newfound level. Hereby, I declare the fallen sky as ‘New’.

Out of curiosity, I walked back to the same-old same-old man. I guessed that he is doing his laundry right at this time. He’s so predictable. I never miss the predictions about him. It’s too easy. Walking nearer and nearer on the fallen sky, it’s getting harder and harder to navigate. All the paths have changed. Double checking the location, it should be right under my feet! Lo and behold! I was wrong for the very first time. The same-old same-old man disappeared. His entire house disappeared! Is this part of the fallen sky phenomenon? Will I ever see the same-old same-old man again?

Previously inaccessible heavenly materials have fallen. Some appreciated it and some hated it. The good-old ground has floated up high in the clouds of sand. The whole world is upside down.

Are you a sneaky merchant or a careless consumer?

Are you a jumper, a same-old same-old man, a sky maker or a fusion expert?

Your Life. Your Choice.


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2024 Trend

In 2024, the keyword is topsy-turvy. The world has turned upside down. Previously inaccessible materials have become readily available. Some of the gadgets have become worn-out and obsolete. The usual winners start to lose ground as the usual losers caught up not far behind.

Potentials losers can include traditional businesses, mid-range platforms, all sorts of main stream industries with old technology, colonialists, the careless etc.

Potential winners can include innovative businesses, independent platforms, niche areas of interest, nationalists, scammers etc.

This is the Great Reshuffle. Many people will change industries. Many will lay flat like a Tarepanda. Situation does not get any better overall. This is only the beginning of a recession. Some small businesses may gain some ground, but at the end of the year many industries will slow down.

The world destabilises and the new form has not yet taken shape. Global elections are happening everywhere. Bonds may do well again if the interest rates lower. Investments are highly volatile. Big investments are highly risky as a bigger crisis lies at the end of the year.

In crisis lies opportunity. Rise and fall will be fast and swift. Today, a reputable leader falls, tomorrow a dark horse rises. Today a restaurant closes down. Tomorrow a bread shop opens in the same location. Today a person leaves the seat beside you. Tomorrow another person sits beside you. Barry Allen, the flash shall deliver the results to you. If you grab the opportunity, it will be prosperous. If you miss an opportunity, it shall not return.

Express care to your loved ones. If you notice some tensions in your region, war may strike suddenly. It is a warring year. Do you tell your enemy that you are going to initiate a war in 5 years’ time? No. To the general public, the war will be sudden. Many beginnings and endings will be lightning speed.

Many traditional businesses will fold. Routine way of thinking and navigating life breaks down. What used to work no longer work. The obsolete ways of thinking and acting will be the main cause of failure. Your plan cannot catch up with volatility. When you have taken care of new requirements, something changes along the way again and messes up your plan. Be like water and flow with life! In stability, there is no chance. Volatility opens up chances. Whatever economic crisis that happens at the beginning of the year, it will repeat with a bigger impact at the end of the year.

The beginning of a brand-new Atomic Era always signals drastic global changes. Let alone the fact that we are entering into the territory of God Ares, the true master of Revolution! Covid has cleared the path for the Great Reset and accelerated the birth of the coming new atomic era.

Everything slowly breaks down and become decentralized. Middle-men businesses that rack in profits from mark-up prices risk their own existence. Dark horses begin to emerge all over the place. Don’t do what AI can also do. You can get replaced. AI not only learn faster, they also have a distinct KO advantage over you. They don’t sleep.

In 2024, winners become losers, and losers become winners. The Sky has fallen. On your head or onto your hands. The choice is yours. Nature is scrapping away the traditions, allowing evolution.

The Great Reset starts here.




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