2020-2050 Into the Future

2020-2050 Into The Future 01

2020-2050 Into the Future


Most people do not see the fighting of wars in the frontline. They feel the economic disasters happening at home. At the end of big wars, people enjoy the surge of some new cultures. New Cultural influence will start to spread globally in the next 20 years and it is only the beginning. This cultural influence is likely to come from the east.

Let’s take a preview into the future.


2024-2026 Scenario


Notice that everything burns and there is no looking back. Everything old and obsolete will be burnt. This is not 2024. This is the next 2-3 years. Anything that has outlived its life span will scorch and smoulder, clearing the path for a new era. We are at the beginning. Things that work yesterday, don’t work today.

Don’t be fooled by the map. That wasn’t the message, because the Great War in 2032 hasn’t happened yet. Things are not going to fall apart yet, at least not in the next 5 years.

But if it’s not a coincidence, then let’s look at a rough timeline with chronological reference with the movie 2012.


2020-2050 Future Timeline

Syncing Reality with the Movie: 2012

Movie 2012:

Several years before, geologist Adrian Helmsley comes across information that shows the world will come to an end in 2012.

Our World 2016-17:

Great global and personal changes took place. Online connections boomed even more than ever. Online video conferences and social media advanced steeply.


Movie 2012:

Geophysicist Adrian Helmsley officially visits India’s Dr. Satnam Tsurutani. From thence, he is led to the world’s deepest copper mine, where he finds evidence that the Earth’s crust is heating up faster than expected.

Our World 2020:

Covid accelerated the progress for the new atomic era. Working from home became a trend to stay.


Movie 2012:

Adrian collects his family and Gordon as the Earth crust displacement begins, and they narrowly escape Los Angeles as the city slips into the Pacific Ocean, racked by a massive earthquake that destroys all of downtown. As millions die in catastrophic earthquakes worldwide, the group, with Gordon piloting the small plane, flies to Yellowstone to retrieve Charlie’s map, escaping as the Yellowstone Caldera erupts.

Our World 2024:

Global scorches and smoulders. Traditions, old ways of thinking, obsolete services and products, redundant manual work, globalization, centralized systems, are all scorching away.

The Great Reset starts. —> We are Here!


Movie 2012:

Adrian and the group are safe in the plane. Looking from the back of the plane, there is nothing but fire and destruction. They are united together in the plane for survival.

Our World 2026:

Everything EVERYTHING Burns!

After the destruction, the new enriched soil is becoming fertile for new developments including AI and technology advances.

The new atomic era is slowly molding the world to take form in a new shape. People are starting to see where the future is heading. This is the first glimpse of the light of future. Boundaries between people are burnt away and groups of people with the same goals are united.


Movie 2012:

Realizing they need a larger plane to fly to Asia, the group lands at McCarran International Airport south of Downtown Las Vegas to search for one.

Our World 2032:

THE GREAT WAR. This is the turning point. The world is fragmented.


Clash of the Titans 2032

Clash of the Titans 2032


Movie 2012:

Survivors have crashed onto the land of the destination on the map. Everybody stowaway trying to grab a seat on the ark.

Our World 2043:

Recovery from the Great War is completed. One rises and one falls. The Rise is apparent now globally and is in full manifestation form.

The Risen one begins to spread its cultural influence.


Movie 2012:

Survivors are taken to the ark. They stow away on the ark as a megatsunami approaches the site.

Our World 2049:

The empire mega X? trillions national debt implodes. It’s union allies fall.


To simplify what is going to happen from 2020 – 2050 in chronological order, 4 words will be easy to understand. Asia War West Bankrupt. 2032 Asia War. 2049 West Bankrupt.


US Risks Fiscal Crisis – Lena Petrova


2032 Asia Pacific War

People in Asia Pacific, war is coming to you in 2032. There is nothing that you can do to stop it. Spend time with your loved ones, and conserve your resources so that you have spare to use from 2032 onwards. Oppression from foreign influence will be uplifted for different countries globally at different times. Oppression will be uplifted and the oppressed people will rejoice.

There is a trade war. There is a technology war, a chip war. There is a geopolitical influence war. There is an economic warfare with sanctions. The last one that has not yet happened is a real military war. Many people wonder if there will be a hot military war. Yes, it is coming in 2032. This will be the last straw that ends the countries cooperation. Everything breaks down and everyone loses.

Some companies may pivot away from these potential warring countries to surrounding countries before it happens to de-risk.

Asia Pacific will be the greatest war fought in the 21st century and it starts in 2032. Deglobalization will be magnified multiple times. Economy will be bad for all as deglobalization hurts all countries.

After the war, one by one they run for safety to the east at different times.


2043 The End of Wars

The wars have long ended by now. Resources squandered away for wars is one of the heaviest prices to pay. Decades old debts, squandering of resources, and the breakdown of countries cooperation are showing its consequences year by year.

The warring nations have squandered away resources carelessly over decades and the consequences are showing up now. Wars over and there are no more resources and excuses for any wars now.

Currency competition has been going on for a while. It may be clear now in 2043 on which currency is going to take top position. It is highly unlikely to be a fiat currency. It may be a currency that is not ruled by a single country. It may be a currency that is not centrally controlled by a single organization. At the moment in 2024, it is not clear yet which currencies are going to be trusted by the world in 2043.

You are allowed to panic just a little bit now so you can take some possible mitigation against the coming collapse. Check out what the financial experts are advising. You are currently in 2043. You have roughly 6 years to prepare.

Wars done. Commerce is now King!


2049 West Bankrupt

People in the west, many economies will fall like dominoes from 2049 onwards. Some have found some safety nets in the east and do not fall as badly. Your country resources are being squandered away and you don’t have a choice. Learn from the financial experts and preserve your resources. Protect your family but do not brag of what you have. There are a lot of desperate people around and crime rates will increase.

The wars have long ended. Wars gone. Resources gone. Reputation gone. Consequences are here to stay for quite a while. Citizens are paying for what the governments did.

Sanctions, tensions, wars, seizing of assets, loss of trust lead to deglobalization and decentralization. This leads to the loss of foreign investments and loss of trust in global reserve currency. Fiat global reserve currency that is tied tightly to bonds and debts are losing value. Global currency that is fiat in nature backed by nothing but the trust of the government will all fall. The currencies printed out of thin air are going back into thin air.

The deadline is 2049 and there will be massive bankruptcies from then. Bankruptcies will propagate from nations to individuals. You may need large value of the same currencies to buy mundane things because the currencies are worth much lesser now. You are holding very depreciated currencies now.

Deglobalization and decentralization pack itself with decolonization. Power, control, and wealth of colonial countries will return back to individual countries that will become sovereign again. Colonized countries being freed will struggle with its newfound independence. New sovereign countries will have a steep learning curve.


Prosperity and Rejoice

Please do not panic! Most of the fighting will be done on the waters. Many will drown. But be prepared and be alert if you live near a military installation. Those are big targets. Many will be destroyed. The land war will be mostly in Korean Peninsula and Taiwan.

Do not panic! The collapse is not here yet. There are still many years of prosperity to enjoy. The cause of the collapse comes from the west but the collapse impact is global so you are not the only one. When the time comes, stay alert. Do not panic. Do not dump all your dollars now. It is still a good currency to have, at least for the next 5 years.

People fear what they cannot foresee. They fear instinctively and they cling to the nail to the old ways of living. Here, we foresee the inevitable new world order for you with the timing. You are fated to know this here before others.

One solution does not fit all. When you meet a setback, failure depends on you. When the situation is unclear, flow with life as it comes. Sometimes things are torn down to fix certain things. You have to empty your mind of the old thought process. Hope is only found from within.

Adjust yourself to the volatility to fit yourself into the new trend. When the situation turns to your favour, success depends on others. Your job is to spot the opportunity and act. You have no control over the general trend, the environmental changes and other people. Your success relies on external factors.

You hear about when the Great War will start, you hear about when the Great Collapse is coming, you hear about the trend for prosperity for the next 20 years. It comes from us, Finale Future. We give you information way ahead of time.


Trend for prosperity

To be aware of the grand trend is the very first step for you to make changes to your life. Most people do not know what is going to happen. With this information, you are many steps ahead of most people now. There is ample time for you to prepare for what is coming.

There is prosperity and rejoice for many. Knowing the trend opens up your mind and new opportunities will flow through.

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