Curious Journey to the Moon

Curious Journey to the Moon

Curious Journey to the Moon

This is a curious journey to the Moon. Have you ever been to the cinema and watch a movie without knowing the ending at all? Given a choice, I would want to know the ending. If the ending is near a “happily ever after”, I am all in. If the ending is tragic, I would hesitate even if it’s the biggest box office in town. This is a warning that the aftertaste when this journey ends might not be pleasant for some. You have been warned. This is not for the faint-hearted, because oxygen is found on the Moon.


Eminent Traits of the Empire (or not)

During a particular day, the empire is undergoing its Ketu/Rahu period. The empire’s Natal Ketu is in the 2nd house. Natal Rahu is in the 8th house with 10th ruler Natal Mercury. Its 8th ruler Natal Moon is in the 3rd house. Natal Rahu is disposited to the 3rd house of communications and travel. There is a strong connection of the 8th house and 3rd house with its rulers Natal Moon and Mercury in a parivartana yoga being in each other’s’ house.

Referring to current empire’s Rahu period, what is the general experience in these few years? Some common experiences of the empire include career expansion, world domination, lies, propaganda, regime changes, etc.


Let’s analyse the birth chart of an esteemed person. We give him a temporary name, Neilxon in this story.


Neilxon Moon Chart

From the Moon chart, he has his Natal Moon in a secretive Scorpio. It lies in a strong commanding lunar mansion of Jyestha. The Moon does disposit to Natal Mercury in the 10th house. Note that Natal Mercury as the significator of communications is tightly conjunct Natal Neptune. This is a little sign of deception here, though not always. Some traits of Neptune include movies, deception, spirituality, etc. Furthermore, these 2 planets are aspected by the deceptive Natal Rahu rather tightly, exaggerating its effects. The final blow would be that Natal Mercury is the most malefic planet here ruling the 8th and 11th house. His career can involve in communicating lies!


Neilxon Birth Chart

His career planet 10th ruler Natal Saturn is in the 8th house of secrets. Natal Saturn is afflicted by 12th ruler Natal Mars, and Natal Rahu from the 12th house. The most telling is the opposition by its own 8th ruler Natal Jupiter. The career planet Natal Saturn affliction is further exacerbated by being in Purva Ashadha lunar mansion ruled by the 8th ruler Natal Jupiter. Natal Saturn is greatly amplified by both Natal Jupiter and Rahu aspects to the 8th house. His career involves deep dark secrets.

Natal Mercury and Neptune opposing the 10th house opens up the possibility of lying in his career. With both planets aspected by 12th ruler Natal Mars and Natal Rahu from the 12th house just gives it a higher possibility, despite opening up the possibility of outer space journey too. 12th house represents film industry as well. Natal Mercury here gives the possibility of him lying to his homeland.

What could be his motivation? It is not possible to achieve this tremendous feat alone. His most malefic planet Natal Jupiter here ruling the 8th house at Gemini 15:35 conjuncts the empire’s Ascendant ruler Natal Jupiter at Gemini 15:12. His Natal Jupiter opposes and empowers his own 8th house. He bears this lie his whole life to serve the nation! He is serving the country, by hook or by crook.


Neilxon Destiny Chart

In the destiny chart, Natal Mercury and Neptune are opposing the 10th house again. A malefic Natal Venus ruling the 3rd house of communications and 8th house of secrets is conjunct the 5th ruler Natal Moon in the 11th house of achievements opposing the 5th house of entertainment.

10th ruler of career Natal Jupiter is in the 12th house of space, film, dreams opposed by 12th ruler Natal Saturn. Natal Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all aspect the 8th house of secrets. There might be some secrets going on.


Neilxon Career Chart

During a particular date, Neilxon is undergoing Venus/Ketu period. In his career chart, Natal Venus is strong in Taurus in the 3rd house, but there is an issue. This Natal Venus is possibly the worst planet for the Pisces Ascendant as it also rules the 8th house. Natal Venus is at Taurus 6:11. Natal Venus is conjunct the abnormal Natal Rahu in the 3rd house of communications. There are some traits of a liar here.

More importantly, Natal Ketu in the 9th house of traveling is conjunct the 1st and 10th ruler of career Natal Jupiter, and Neptune. Natal Jupiter, Ketu and Neptune are in the secretive sign of Scorpio. 10th ruler Natal Jupiter is at Scorpio 5:54 and Neptune is at Scorpio 5:55 exactly conjunct by just 1 minute apart! Even stronger traits of a liar here. All these planets are opposing the Natal Rahu and especially 8th ruler Natal Venus exactly.

Neilxon is born for a lie. The lie is about communications and traveling.


Secret of the Moon Revealed

Secret of the Moon Revealed


The Silver Screen

So what is Neilxon doing in his Venus period? His Ascendant ruler Natal Venus is at Virgo 0:37 in the 5th house. It is in the 11th house from the Moon, and that gives him recognition for what he does during this period. It disposits to Natal Mercury in the 10th house from the Moon which leads him to his career. His Natal Mercury being so conjunct Neptune in the 10th house from the Moon, and opposing the 10th house from the birth chart, it has a strong connection to his career. The debilitated Venus might not make him feel comfortable in some ways.

So what is actually happening during this day? This day is 16 July, 1969. It lasts up to 20 July 1969. The reigning president is Richard Nixon. This day is the first step of the first human on the Moon. The birth chart of Neilxon that we have analysed belongs to the prestigious Neil Armstrong, first astronaut on the Moon.

Armstrong Natal Venus in the 5th house is the house of entertainment too. The empire has Natal Saturn in the 10th house of career. But wait, Houston we have a problem here. Houston, I think we might have a lead here. Armstrong’s Natal Venus is conjunct the empire’s Natal Neptune at Virgo 1:41 extremely tightly in the empire’s 10th house. Even in his career chart, his career significator Natal Sun at Virgo 2:15 is again conjunct the empire’s Natal Neptune exactly. His Ascendant degrees of the career chart at Pisces 24:36 opposes the empire’s Natal Saturn at Virgo 24:04 exactly.

Major Tom: This is Major Tom to ground control. The stars look very different today. But I don’t see Armstrong around. Over.

Ground Control: This is Ground Control to Major Tom. Abort mission. I repeat. Abort mission. We are moving forward to Plan B. Armstrong is on a state mission. He is in Hollywood. Over and out.


Richard Nixon phones Neil Armstrong

Richard Nixon phones Neil Armstrong


Nixon: For the country.

Neil: For the future.

Director: Cut!


First man on the Moon

Whether there have been subsequent human landings on the Moon is anyone’s guess. But on this day 16 July, 1969 human landing on the moon, there is little to no astrological evidence of it happening. Cui bono? How about grabbing the title of the ‘First man on the Moon of humanity’ and wins the space race. Could the title be grabbed for a Nixon boost? It also serves as a good distraction from the Vietnam war!

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Very inspirational, absolutely moving, theatrically dramatic, and most of all perfectly fake. These are the words of a scriptwriter, not the words of an astronaut. Neil Armstrong is the perfect actor of the empire that fooled the whole world.

Finally, the best part of it is part of the money went to the film studios and space-related activities. The rest? It can be a 30 billion dollars money swindle. 30 billion in that period is hundreds of billions today. It’s a sweet offer the politicians couldn’t refuse. Be it the politicians, the Military Industrial Complex, the big corporations, Wall Street, and many others, they all follow the same motto, “Greed is Good”. Anyway, if this is a lie, this lie didn’t kill anyone. So, let’s move on. Please do not disturb his family for whatsoever reasons. They have nothing to do with this.

If you believe this chart is the first man on the Moon, then the empire has a ‘Moon’ to sell you. Astrologically, human moon landing is debunked. Has anyone actually been to the ‘Moon’? Where is the ‘Moon’ exactly? Someone knows. This leaves disillusioning hangovers for ordinary minds. This is an astrological expedition to the Moon, not a slandering article. Whatever happens on the ‘Moon’ stays on the ‘Moon’. There are no physical facts to this article. You may arrive at your own opinion and judgment. People know the truth when they hear it. It’s like a God-given gift of intuition. Maybe we will know something when Armstrong’s Saturn period starts from 2027.


Neil Armstrong - Fly me to the Moon

Neil Armstrong – Fly me to the Moon


Fly me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra


Fly me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra


Now that you know, you will not be too shock when everything is revealed in public. Reading it here is applying a shock absorber to the future event. When the empire is caught in a lie, watching it happen can be very different from reading it here because the mass consciousness will be in shock. When that eventually happens, you can put on a smile while others are in shock. And you think to yourself, “This is old news. I already knew.”

This is a clown world. Don’t take things so seriously. Maybe the next question that we may ask ourselves is “Is the Moon real?”.

The empire’s strong Natal Mars aspects its Natal Neptune extremely tightly in the 10th house. Natal Mars is the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and Natal Neptune is Hollywood. Natal Mars also rules the 5th house of entertainment and politics, and 12th house of film industry. Everything and every piece of news is dramatized. Dramas create emotions. Emotions can cover up the facts. To the manipulators, the truth is not important. What is perceived to be the truth is. Which drama is actually real? The scriptwriters will know. There is no way of knowing what is real and fake with the empire. Fake news, false flags, fake weapon of mass destruction, and here’s a fake Moon. What’s next?


Nixon I have a Moon to sell you

Nixon: I have a Moon to sell you


BACK to the Moon – Emil Cosman


Analysing the Moon Landing – Emil Cosman


Why do we have Alien news declassified now? Isn’t it a good distraction from an ongoing war? The empire sent troops to Peru and right after that there are alien news in Peru. Timing is simply impeccable! Do we see a pattern here? When there are multiple big events happening consecutively, only 1 or 2 are the real focus behind the scene. The rest are distractions for the public. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

The next thing coming could be fake Aliens and spacecrafts. Real Alien news can be mixed with self-directed ‘War of the Worlds’ scenario using reverse engineered man-made spacecrafts. This is to justify continuous defense spending for the MIC. Space force is another method to continue to bankrupt the empire. It is a massive wealth transfer from the citizens debts to the MIC corporations. Previously enemies were created to fund the MIC. Now, Aliens will be innovated for the same purpose. Follow the money! Don’t be too excited as this kind of alarming news may get on your nerves in the end. We are living on a divine script. Now earthlings have taken a quantum leap to live on man-made scripts. This planet is Hollywood. We are living in Hollywood.

When the aliens finally attack, check the charts and use your instinct. If the charts show similarities and the vibes feel similar, you know the aliens didn’t attack us. Someone else did. Take care!

This is Hollywood to Houston. Mission Accomplished! Over and Out!


UFO Invasion 01

UFO Invasion


UFO Invasion – Redacted / FBI John DeSouza


Next Episode:

Mr Chaos

Mr Chaos


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