2032 The Great War – Countdown 8 Years

2032 The Great War Countdown 8 Years 01

2032 The Great War – Countdown 8 Years


Separatist Lai Ching Te has won the elections. Unfortunately, there are many Cheneys lined up for a fight. The stars are aligned for a Cheney to be elected in 2028. Many men will fall.


Cheney in 3-inch heels – Mr Producer Media


The battlefield is already set. The winner has already been determined. 2032, war is imminent. This is one of the greatest wars in the 21st century.


Clash of the Titans 2032


Weapons stockpiled in Australia to prepare for Taiwan –

The Geopolitics in Conflict Show 


New Zealand joining warmongering AUKUS –

Geopolitical Trends


Countdown to D-Day: 8 Years


The darkness of mankind is growing stronger.

The nations’ tensions are piling up.

The artic ice didn’t all melt in a single day.

This war didn’t start suddenly.


Going for your business trips or vacation or honeymoon?

Some other time or somewhere else.


Some of the top places to AVOID in 2032:


Formosa (Taiwan)


South Korea

North Korea




New Zealand


Enjoy the 8 years of peace that you have now before the world further fragments.


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