Venus Trilogy: How To Love

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Venus Trilogy: How To Love

Venus is the significator of Love and Relationships. To love is follow Venus ways of living in this world. How does Venus want us to love in our life? Why is Venus strong in some signs and weak in others? Venus will be exalted in Pisces from now till June 1st in 2017. What it holds for you depends on where Venus will be in your chart. Learn to love the way Venus intends you to.

How should one love? Who should a person love? Surely Venus has a part to play in this. Venus as a significator of love and relationship, teaches us that to love is like to play an instrument in a musical performance. Only that the great maestro is planet Venus. Don’t forget Venus also rules arts, music, and creativity. You juggle with your instrument and not play music, you will not get a chance to participate in a performance. You play a note wrong, the conductor is going to change the player and you are out. You play your notes right and wait for your turn, one day you too will get a chance to participate in the musical performance of love. Depending on your dasha and the planet transits including Venus transits, love too will find a way to you.

To excel in relationships, you have to comprehend Venus role in our galaxy of planets and understand how Venus operates. Venus dominates in its own sign of Taurus, Libra and exalts in the sign of Pisces. It does well in precedence in these signs Pisces, Libra, and Taurus. It also stays strong in its friend’s sign of Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn. However, it is debilitated in the sign of Virgo and is very weak in Virgo. To be blessed by Venus in the realm of love is to love the way that Venus has intended for us to love in the signs of Taurus, Libra, and Pisces.

A person comes into being from the 1st house and leaves this world in the 12th house. Life is progressive starting from the 1st house, 2nd house, all the way to the 12th house. Love is also progressive as such from Taurus, Libra, to Pisces.

Venus in Taurus

When you first came into this world, you were showered with love by your own family members. This sets up how love is supposed to be starting from your own family. Taurus is a loving bull protective of its own family and loved ones. If you have Venus in 2nd house in a strong sign or Venus in Taurus, your childhood is filled with joyous family love and memories. This memory can stay with you and gets imprinted in your mind of how family love should be. With that memory, you subconsciously create your own family with love based on childhood memory. This is the place a child first experience love in the world and it is extremely crucial to the rest of his/her life. To love like a Taurean, you have to love your family.

Venus in Libra

This is undoubtedly many’s favourite. This could jolly well be your favourite, if you like to get to know a person and get married. Libra owns the original house of the spouse. To know how you love your spouse, you have to look at your 7th house of marriage which is originally owned by the sign of Libra. To love your spouse in the ideal world is to love in the Libran way. Libra is Venus’s mooltrikona sign and Venus in Libra is stronger than Venus in Taurus. What does Libra stands for? Love, harmony, beauty, peace, trust, and balance. When you first meet a potential partner, you may be attracted to the person physically by his/her beauty and physical appearance. This is just the initial spark of a new relationship. Physical beauty alone will not hold the relationship together for long.

Once the relationship is established, you get to know the person on a deeper level with mental stimulation. With time, trust and balance can be slowly molded into the couple’s life as the relationship takes form. Love levels up in the mental world of both parties. However, that alone can still have flaws. For relationship to take up a solid concrete form, you have to love your spouse spiritually. The Navamsha chart is the 9th divisional chart of a birth chart and is derived from the 9th house of spirituality from the birth chart. There must be a reason why the Navamsha chart is deemed so important and focuses on the second part of a person’s life as well as a person’s marriage. The key is that the main karaka of the Navamsha chart is Venus and the Navamsha chart represents one’s marriage. To have love and understanding from your spouse, to behold a marriage built on unconditional love brings peace and harmony to the relationship. Even if your spouse goes astray, the relationship can still be reestablished if it was built up to a spiritual level. The most estranged relationship can be rekindled if you hope for reconciliation. The way is to stand by his/her side and love him/her more.

Venus in Pisces

Pisces owns the original 12th house of a birth chart. The 12th house is the end of your life, your final chapter, but it is not the end of all your love. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. Venus exults in Pisces and expresses all its fine qualities including love to the best in Pisces. Venus in Pisces is the strongest, stronger even than Venus in Libra or Taurus.

Piscean love is expressed with empathy and emotions. Pisces is owned by Jupiter and people with Venus in Pisces love with wisdom. Their love is not judgmental and always forgiving. They are faithful to whoever they love and they are filled with extreme compassion. With Jupiter’s influence, this is undeniably loving spiritually. With Venus in Pisces, these people are approachable to the general group of people. If Venus shines brightly in the concluding chapter of your life, then this should be your goal of how to love eventually.

How To Love

To love like a Venus in Pisces is to love everyone as yourself. Venus is the King of the Asuras and leads the planetary camp of Venus, Saturn, and Mercury. Jupiter is the King of the Devas and leads the planetary camp of Jupiter, Sun, Moon, and Mars. Jupiter rules Pisces and Venus is exalted in Pisces. Both of them do extremely well in the sign of Pisces, the original 12th house of a person. The conclusion house. Learn the lessons of both planetary camp leaders of Jupiter and Venus, and the lessons of the rest of the planets shall follow. Don’t forget Jupiter is abundance and Venus is mega wealth and they go hand-in-hand with the qualities of law and love.

In your final clause of your life, if you have learnt well and obeyed the divine laws of the universe governed by Jupiter, and your love has expanded beyond your family and spouse and spreads boundless to everyone, what else is there for you to learn in this world? To follow Venus way of love starting from Taurus, Libra to Pisces is to love your family, love your spouse unconditionally, and love everyone as yourself.

Venus normally stays in a sign for a month and when it retrogrades it stays in a sign for around 4 months. You have the amazing opportunity to experience Venus in Pisces for 4 months right now due to its oncoming retrograde in Pisces. Venus will be in Pisces from the end of January to the 1st day of June in 2017. The world is rejoicing with Venusian love. Catch the all-embracing love of Venus and experience it yourself. To be a part of it, a gentle smile is all you need.

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Venus Trilogy – How To Love

Venus Trilogy: How To Love

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