How to prepare for the Great Reset 2023

How to prepare for the Great Reset 2023

How to prepare for the Great Reset 2023

The Great Reset

This is it! This is the Great Reset!

The Great Shift into a brand-new era is often difficult or confusing or both. The great shift will shake the world and widen globally in the next few years. It is hard to go unscathed in a global event since environment impacts are huge and often non-negotiable. What happens in a country or company will affect everyone in it. Are you ready for it?

What has happened to you in the past year? There may be signs and indications on what and how you want to move forward in this coming new year. Move away from the negative energies and attract positive changes for the new year. Are you lacking in certain qualities or things that you may want to improve upon?

The recession is forming up. The recession starts from the big countries and spread out globally to the smaller countries. This is another step moving towards the Great Reset. The damage will be done and there will be a great shuffle with people and their environment. Some people may change their profession forever. Many people’s lives will be changed forever. Don’t fret! If people are leaving, it may mean that you are ascending up the ranks. If you are leaving, it may mean that there is a greener pasture that you are supposed to be in. Everything happens for a reason. You will survive it even if you don’t understand it.

Be careful of a fake or temporary recovery in mid-year. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. By the time the year ends, there may be another plunge. After the plunge, economy may start to pick up yet again and there may be a rebound.

There is inflation, high interest rates, etc. A supply chain crunch and energy crunch lead to higher costs. Being the consumers, people become wary of spending as they cannot absorb all the increase in the high prices. The Great Resignation continues and the recession adds on to the labour squeeze. Inflation needs a market correction and destabilizes many things. Suppliers cannot take on the full inflation and consumers are unable to absorb all the increase in costs. So companies are unable to pass on the entire price increase to the consumers. The costs will come off from its people, and thus retrenchments. As a result, the labour force is squeezed out to reduce costs. It sends a flurry mass labour force out to the open. Many will change industries as new industries open up. A whirlpool of labour will have a Great Reshuffle.

Inflation is not going away and it is an invisible tax. Many people are going to be taxed poor. There were economy problems and inflation was the solution. And now inflation has become the problem. There is only one solution. Reduce spendings. As long as you don’t see the governments start doing that, the bubble is waiting to be burst.

Traditional banking and real estate industries may not do that well as before. Traditional banking includes handling of fiat currencies. Fiat currencies continue to lose steam. Yes, a recession is coming. But a rebound is also following. Depending on individual birth chart, some people will become Tare Pandas, and some people will become opportunists. Tare Pandas getting retrenched or closing down their businesses lie flat, with no direction or motivation to move forward. If you are edged out of your comfort zone, there may be something else waiting for you. But the opportunity may not open up immediately. A birth chart consultation below will guide you along your way so that you know when opportunity will open up and what you should be doing. Where crisis arises, there lies opportunity.


Tare Panda 01

Tare Panda: I’m beat!


Energy Crunch

First of all, the temperate countries should prepare for the winter. An energy crunch means it will be a cold winter for some. Get fuel (food) for your body, and fuel (heat) for your home. A drenched candle cannot be lit up.

Prepare for the winter food and fuel early! To survive in the winter, stay home.

Because, Baby, XXX XXXX XXXXXXX.

Once the survival needs are secured, welcome the Great Reset into your life.


2023 Simple Preparations

Changes are never easy. You may be left behind if you are slower than others. If your skills in the company can be replaced by artificial intelligence, it might be wiser for you to pick up something useful to the company in the long run. Or there might be something else better for you somewhere. Artificial intelligence will reduce huge labour force globally as it is maturing and it is even able to learn complicated human emotions. Pick up some skills that cannot replace you by a robot.

Getting canned or lost your business? Feeling lifeless and hopeless? Having 0 planets in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius signs? Lost in life and having no passion and direction at all? You may join the Tare Panda race and just lie down for a little while. Take some Tabasco or Red Hot Chili Pepper! Get some kick in that gut of yours to spice up your life. This is only for emergency so use it sparingly. When you are all set and ready, life finds a way again.

Look for new markets or even new industries that are suitable for you to explore. New opportunities will open up and there may be one suitable for you. New companies may be formed because of merging and consolidation. Emerging markets may provide great risk but with huge potential. But if you have nothing, then you have nothing to lose. Once the dollar gets weakened, emerging markets that were once held back by the dollar will thrive. Whoever spots the gap can get their first pot of gold.

Tare Panda 02

Tare Panda: I’m gonna hit the hay all year …


Here is the food of the year. Take some periodically throughout this year to improve your life.

2023 Food of the Year

2023 Food of the Year



On the 20th of April 2023 early in the morning, look to the East and pray for your protection and the fulfillment of your wishes. Pray to the god of your religion or devotion. Then look to the South and do the same prayers. If you do not have the directions, just look out to the window and say your prayers.


The best place to recuperate yourself this year or to gain luck and prosperity is in the North and South sectors of your own house. Spend some time in these areas if you can throughout the year. Avoid the Northwest sector of your house if you can but you must leave it clean and undisturbed as much as possible.

Caution is necessary in investments. Unwise investment can wipe you out. Many people’s money and resources will run out. This is what they call “Own nothing and be happy”. What you cannot print is capable of preserving wealth for you. Don’t sell your limited-edition luxurious bags or watches or jewellery just yet unless you need cash. They may come in handy in preserving your wealth. Fractional Reserve Banking may further exacerbate the problem and the banks do not have your money when you need them. Always have some extra cash in case you cannot withdraw your money if your bank fails or if the banking system collapses. Spread your cash into different safer banks if you want to spread out the risk.

Traditionally, this is the era of wars. In wars, men fought and men died, in great numbers. Single women and widows proliferate because of wars. In the coming years, it is the rise of women. This is nature’s plan.

Rise of Women

Rise of Women


To prepare yourself for the next 2 decades, click the link below for more information.

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Everything has a beginning. This is, a beginning!




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