Does Astrology Work?

Does Astrology Work

Does Astrology Work?

Everything in existence that you have experienced is split into space and time. Why is it that you behave in a certain way and your sibling behaves entirely in another way? Why is it that some are born rich and others born poor? Why are some babies born and then died not long after? Isn’t it unfair that lives are not started out on equal conditions? The equation is even out when this life is not the only life that you have been living in.

String Theory

String Theory is a theory of everything as explained by Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku and many others. Unifying the forces of gravity with particle physics, String Theory is one of the strong contenders for the theory of everything that suggests of at least a number of 10 dimensions exist in the universe, which results in multiple universes. Yet little is known or proven about our universe still. In addition, the string of life, a DNA string is a string representing the order of nucleobases along one strand of a double-stranded DNA molecule, which miraculously forms life.

Quantum Entanglement

In Quantum Entanglement, a pair of particles can interact in such a way that they are always correlated. No matter how far apart the particles are positioned from each other in the universe, an action performed by a particle will also cause the same action to be carried out by the other particle. This happens faster than the speed of light. In fact, it happens instantaneously without the notion of space and time. The whole universe is inter-connected in a mysterious way.

Program of the Universe

As an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Professor Jürgen Schmidhuber from the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA described the entire universe in a pseudocode of less than 10 lines as below. He stated that things in our world seem very complex but it might not be so. In a self-learning system, numbers can be crunched into simple formula and few lines of codes only through data compression. What we see as random only have the appearance of randomness called pseudo-random.

Algorithm Fast

For i:=1, 2, … DO:

For each program p with length(p) <= i DO:

run p for at most 2power(i-length(p)) steps;

reset storage modified by p;

End For

End For

If your life is a tiny sub-program within those codes above, what does your program do? In actual fact, the entire universe is all numbers. The way that our planets affects us are also formed up in degrees and numbers that we can understand through Astrology.

You are 5 Elements

As computers crunch data into machine language of 1’s and 0’s, data compression and storage is possible in the machine world. With simply 1’s and 0’s, you are able to read, write, draw, and design sophisticated amount of information representation which constructs the world that you see as of today.

You, as a product of the world, is made up of only 5 basic elements of Earth/Prithvi, Water/Apas, Fire/Agni, Wind/Vayu, and Ether/Aakash, which also forms up the basis of Ayurveda and Yoga. No matter how many elements there are in the chemistry periodic table, there are always only 5 elements. In fact the whole physical universe as if it is a cosmic joke, is also made up of the same 5 elements. This is why you are subjected greatly to the forces of the huge celestial planets around you. As Above, so Below.

As a small speck of dust yet, you too have the power to affect the things happening in the universe. But how does the universe affect you in return? How does all the planets affect you as an individual in the solar system?

Who are You?

Vedic Astrology aka Jyotisha originated from the Vedas and contains the knowledge of tracking the movements of astronomical bodies spaced out in time. The components of a human being in body, mind, and spirit, going into the smallest component possible is the very same element that makes up the cosmos. The human consciousness and the entire universe coexist as one and indivisible. Everything is divinely constructed and there is an order and reason for all life. There is a purpose to your life, but what is it?

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