Venus Trilogy: How You Love

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Venus Trilogy: How You Love

How do you attempt to love someone? What is your way of loving a person? Before plunging into love right away, it might be wise to first find out the way that you love. You will know the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships with anyone. This article focuses on the weaknesses of your Venus. By being aware of how you love, you can tune it to the way you want to love and the way you want to be loved.

Why is it that you always attract someone of specific persona every single time? If you have not get into a relationship, you have a chance to understand how you attempt to love another. To even start loving a person, it might be wise to first find out the way that you love. This article is dedicated to the ones having problems in relationships. It focuses on the weakness of Venus and an afflicted Venus in a person’s chart.

Venus in Virgo

Let’s start with the debilitated Venus. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, a friend of Venus. Why is Venus debilitated in a friend’s sign? Venus does very well in Mercury’s sign of Gemini. In fact, Venus is good in all the air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If you have desires in these Kama signs, Venus can help you to fulfill them. Virgo is an earth sign but Venus also rules its own sign of Taurus which is also an earth sign. So it may not be a matter of earth elements. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Virgo is a mutable earth sign. It could be that Venus just does not work well in mutable earth sign.

One piece of advice for people with Venus in Virgo. Stop analysing! It is important to have good judgement in people and your partner, but you do not analyse your lover like you are judging a criminal. Leave the analysis and judgements to the other planets. Establish a relationship with your spouse and other people based on love, faith, and trust. When you love your spouse, don’t pay too much attention to the weeny tiny details. Don’t criticize your spouse about every wrong doings that you perceive is unacceptable. Your spouse is a reflection of yourself that you do not know about innately. Love him/her for who he/she is. Change yourself and the way you love. Keep a closed eye to the tiny unacceptable details because he/she can never match up to your standards. No one ever can! No love is perfect!

Even if you have Venus in Virgo, you will still find love and be loved. If you are in Venus dasha or bhukti, be sure that love will find you. When Venus transits to Pisces in its exaltation sign and opposes your debilitated Natal Venus in Virgo, it gives your Natal Venus enormous boost in love matters. Treasure the time when Venus transits over Pisces for you!

Venus conjunct Ketu

If your Natal Venus is conjunct Ketu or tightly aspected by Ketu’s 5th or 9th aspect, then Ketu has a very strong influence to your love life and relationships. If the moon nodes of Rahu or Ketu is conjunct Venus, it is going to cause trouble. The moon nodes are destiny and extremity. Ketu is blind and causes unsatisfactory demands. People with Venus and Ketu together are never satisfied with whoever they are with in terms of relationships. If you have Venus with Ketu, you have to look within yourself and find out what it is that you really want from a spouse because no relationship is perfect. It might be wise for you to marry late until you are ready for a long term commitment. Your spouse could be spiritual as it is highly recommended to get a spiritual spouse as Ketu is spirituality. Relationship built on a spiritual level stands unconquered against the toughest test of life. Ketu is also the past. You might know your spouse before and you get reacquainted later in life. You might even have some past life karma with your spouse that you have to work it out in this life time. Ketu is unusual. If you get someone that is the same with you, you are going to be bored. You need someone different! Someone unusual from the norm is what you attract to your life.

Venus conjunct Rahu

If your Natal Venus is conjunct Rahu or tightly aspected by Rahu’s 5th or 9th aspect, then Rahu has a very strong influence to your relationships. With this combination, you can have a foreign spouse. Rahu represents foreigners. Rahu is also extreme expansion and desire. Your yearning for love is so great that it cannot be contained. It’s expansion and yearning for Venusian things can cause problem.

Venus conjunct Saturn

If your Natal Venus is conjunct or tightly aspected by Saturn, then your love and relationships are very restricted. There will be delays, setbacks, and obstacles in your love life. The way that you love can be very disciplined and structured and may sometimes limits or hinders Venusian qualities. You might have to marry later in life due to setbacks. When your Venus and Saturn have reached maturity, you are on better grounds for marriage as you are mature enough for marriage commitments.

Venus conjunct Sun

If your Natal Venus is conjunct or tightly aspected by Sun, then you could be letting your sense of authority and self-esteem get in your path of relationship. Ego and self-esteem is more important to you than relationship and you need to feel that you are in control. If they are tightly conjunct, Venus can be combusted and your Venusian qualities can be burnt up by the powerful rays of the Sun. Don’t let ego get in the way of your relationship and have a more balanced life of love is the key.

Venus conjunct Mars

Mars is malefic but it does not do much harm to Venus in this case. If Mars is tightly aspecting Venus or is conjunct Venus, it is a burst of masculine and feminine energies. The way that you meet your spouse is going to create sparks and romance right away. It isn’t going to be a stale relationship from friends to lovers situation. You need romance and passion in relationship to fuel your love constantly.

Next Article: Who To Love

As an extension to the Venus series, in the next article we will look at how your love can still sparkle not just in the good times, but also in times of hardships. A person’s chart can interact with another person’s chart just like how you will interact with another person. For the most delicate Venusians, we will look at how it can be fortified by your beloved. Stay tuned!

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Venus Trilogy – How You Love

Venus Trilogy: How You Love


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