Astrology House 3: Communications, Courage

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 3

Astrology House 3: Communications, Courage

3rd house is the original Gemini sign in astrology.

Third house is the house of raw willpower, drive, and ambition to succeed. It is the house of courage and passion to motivate yourself to achieve its goal. Difficulties and obstacles are present but serves as the lessons for you to overcome them. This is also the house of competition where great athletes are engaged in sports.

The prowess of a warrior with indomitable courage requires a powerful mind. Where 5th house is the house of the mind, 3rd house is the logical mind process where thoughts originate from. Hence, 3rd house is the original creativity produced from the mind. All sorts of arts and creativity including writing, music, dancing, singing have to do with the 3rd house. It is the house of hobby. All types of interests, hobbies and activities performed with enthusiasm lie in the 3rd house. Immense in what you really like to do and it can be found in the 3rd house. It can also give profound interest and enthusiasm for one to perform deep research in one’s interest.

It is also the house of communications, sales and teaching. Through various ways of communications including writing, speaking, and internet, one express and share his/her ideas across to another person or to the public. Teachers are also born here to educate and empower the masses. A good communicator with a strong will and belief can yield great sales with originality and creativity in them. It is the house of hearing where speakers and writers have the need to be heard.

Planets in 3rd house can provide short journeys and travels to open up the mind for new experiences and possibilities. With replenished inspiration and a burning desire, one strives to achieve its success through one’s own self effort. As thoughts are things, this is the house that can make things happen.

Within the 3rd house are your siblings (particularly the younger one), colleagues, friends, companions and anybody that you like to do things with or have a common goal to achieve. Malefic planets here can boost your life force and willpower to annihilate competition and survive, but it does not bode well for any relationship with your siblings or companions. There can be competition within siblings that needs to be addressed carefully.

As 3rd house is the original sign of Gemini, it rules the dual organs in the upper body like the ears, lungs, arms, and hands.

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