Astrology House 4: Home, Happiness

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 4

Astrology House 4: Home, Happiness

4th house is the original Cancer sign in astrology.

As the 4th house is originally ruled by the Moon, one of the luminaries of the solar system, this house importance cannot be neglected. Fourth house is the house of your home and mother. It is the house of home that provides you with a sense of security. The things that you receive in your childhood such as food, clothings, house, education, love and affection are all connected to the 4th house. 4th house represents the mother as well as the nourishment and nurturing one receives from the mother. It contains one’s emotional nature and state of the mind. A good 4th house gives one peace of mind and aids in meditation and spiritual work. The capacity for rest can be judged from the 4th house.

4th house represents land, real estate, and vehicles. Different planets like Mars and Saturn can give one great properties while Venus can give vehicles and luxurious home comforts. It is the house of happiness where one’s soul essence is. To be able to connect with one’s soul is real bliss. 4th house is the physical heart where one receives love and feels loved. Affairs of the heart and broken heart are often linked to the 4th house. Being as the lowest point in the birth chart as the Imum Coeli (IC), it represents the end of life where the journey of one’s life end. Where 10th house represents the public life, 4th house represents one’s private life. On the soul’s journey back home, it receives unconditional love and eternal bliss. Who but the mother that initially gives it’s child undivided attention and the maternal unconditional love?

As the Moon rules the 4th house originally, it is the most sensitive and psychological house in the chart. It can promote emotional stability and nurturing effect or if afflicted can produce emotional and mental disorders. It represents the masses and one’s general popularity and attracts the crowd towards oneself. Powerful planets here can give one master or doctorate degrees.

4th house represents the past and heritage. One’s family heritage and the karma that one has already generated cannot be altered and can be found in the 4th house. One’s parents, race, culture, and place of birth are all fixed upon birth. In terms of the body, 4th house consists of the physical heart, chest, and breast.

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