Astrology House 8: Difficulty, Transformation

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 8

Astrology House 8: Difficulty, Transformation

8th house is the original Scorpio sign in astrology.

Eighth house infamously known as the house of death, is highly misunderstood by many. It is ultimately a house of transformation which have deep and profound meanings. Although it does give a sense of death and surrender feeling, it is also your house of longevity and deals with the length of your life.

8th house matters deals with everything that is hidden and cannot be seen. The hidden aspects of life is vastly many and covers a great deal such as chronic diseases, addictions, power struggles, disgrace, misfortunes, bankruptcy, etc. 8th house deals with great difficulties for many who cannot transcend those matters. However 8th house is not completely undesirable. On the lighter side of it includes deep research prowess, profound insight, intuition unavailable from the 5 senses, inheritances and money from others, longevity, psychology, metaphysics, charisma and strong sexual influences. Through unseen forces of the power of nature, it covers tabooed subjects of money, sex, and death. It has a connection to Pluto as the outer planet that controls control, death, and transformation. But mainly it is born from the power of Mars Scorpio sign, the sign of power and control with great intensity. When one realises that control is an illusion and the laws of nature should not be broken, transformation begins. Instead of denial, surrender is the takeaway in order for healing to start.

While 6th house deals with acute diseases that can be improved over time with efforts, 8th house deals with chronic diseases that is lodged deep in the body and consciousness. It gives inheritances and unexpected sum of money gained from others through undesirable causes. Money gained from these sources are many times linked with sufferings such as loss of loved ones, death of closed family member, or insurance claims. It can also give lottery wins but the key point to the finance portion is that it is sudden and unexpected, mostly in a big lump sum of money.

Planets in the 8th house gives charisma and magnetism that the public cannot resist. People with such charisma can move the public for the good or bad. It can give strong sexual passions. It can be a very charismatic motivational speaker, or a sexual seducer that attracts to oneself scandals and disgrace. With deep knowledge, one can dive deep into scientific research and psychology, or the mystical topics of metaphysics and the occult and such.

8th house rules the internal reproductive organ, colon, rectum, etc.

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