Astrology House 9: Fortune, Spirituality

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 9

Astrology House 9: Fortune, Spirituality

9th house is the original Sagittarius sign in astrology.

Ninth house is considered as one of the most auspicious house, if not then the most auspicious house of all. It is your house of fortune and luck. It is god’s grace given to you to assist you in this world. Good planets here can counteract negative effects of the whole chart to a certain extend. It has a special affinity to the planet of great benefactor, Jupiter. Jupiter’s link to spirituality, spiritual and religious teachings, life ethics and morals expedites one’s spiritual progress and produces good fortune and karma that the individual enjoys and continues to enjoy in this life. It is the house of grandchildren.

9th house is the house of higher education and learning. It represents college education, publishing, learning, teaching, laws, and long distance travel. One can obtain higher learning post-graduate degree or higher education and teach in the college as a professor. As 9th house is related to the laws of nature, it is also related to the law of cause and effect as well as the mundane government law. One can establish legal practices as a lawyer. It is the house of publishing and all types of communications can be publicly distributed to the masses in publications. Where 3rd house rules short distance travels, 9th house rules long distance travels for a variety of reasons. One can travel for work, studies, or spiritual pilgrimages. Traveling helps one to open up the limited mind with new perspective of life.

9th house is the house of the father, guru and teacher. On spiritual, life and home matters, these figures give important guidance for one to navigate through the maze of life. As a house of spirituality, it promotes devotion, strengthen one’s belief system, guides one to obey the law and justice of this world as well as the spiritual laws of nature. It is the house of righteousness. 9th house also rules philosophy and gives the potential for abstract thinking.

9th house rules the hips and thighs to accommodate movement of an individual.

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