Astrology House 1: You, Your Personality

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Astrology House 1: You, Your Personality

1st house is the original Aries sign in astrology. Houses and signs are different. Certain aspects are similar but their usage is different. Houses are the actual outer life activities happening to you while the sign represents the innate qualities of how each house activities will take place in your life.

As the complete well-being of the person, the first house is the most important house for any person. It is the birth of a new life, the entrance of the life into the world by its first breath. The entire birth chart depends on the time that you are born, which gives you your Ascendant. The Ascendant is the first house. The Ascendant can be any of the 12 zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, etc.), but the first house will always give the following indications regardless of the Ascendant sign. The Ascendant/First House setup the placement of all the planets and how the planets’ energies affect the individual’s entire life.

1st house is your physical appearance, basic personality, and vitality. Whatever you perceive the person to be externally depends on the first house. It is your self-identity and life direction. It is the way that you projects yourself outwardly to others. The capacity for the individual to achieve his/her desires and enjoy the pleasures of life depends very much on the condition of his/her first house. For a life with strong potential to flourish, a strong first house and first house ruler is required. A strong first house or first house lord will help the individual to ride over any storms and obstacles in life. Weaknesses of the first house will reduce the potential of the person.

First house rules the head, physical body, height, weight, and even the hair and skin complexion of the person. Internally, it rules the self-confidence, self-esteem, ego and integrity of the person.

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