Astrology House 11: Hopes, Wishes, Dreams

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 11

Astrology House 11: Hopes, Wishes, Dreams

11th house is the original Aquarius sign in astrology.

Eleventh house is the house of wishes and dreams. It is the house where your highest aspirations come true. It is a house of great gains where material gains can be abundance. Results of your ultimate hopes and desires can be determined from the 11th house. This is where your wishes can be realized. Financial gains can come in great amounts in that of lottery and inheritance. Money and political status can be seen from here. Houses of kama or desire includes the 3rd house, 7th house, and 11th house which is known as the triangle of materiality. As the strongest house of desire, material satisfaction of different measures is assured.

This is the house of friendship and social interaction. It shows whether one’s friends is helpful or draining to an individual. How one connects with the society and the kind of social interaction one have in his/her life is seen from the 11th house. This is where you connect with your friends to share ideas and common interests. Powerful power and affluence can be seen from here. Planets in 11th house can give exposure to affluent people in the society. Most planets in the 11th house can give abundance in their own ways. 11th house also represents organization formed up with a common goal which you are a part of. The organization unite people with a common interest and may involve humanitarian purposes. This is the house of the future of humanity.

11th house represents the eldest sibling whereas 3rd house represent the youngest sibling or siblings in general.

11th house rules the legs and ankles. Legs and ankles connect the body to mobility and gives the power to move forward in life. 11th house also rules the left ear whereby 3rd house rules the right ear.

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