Astrology House 10: Career, Fame

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Astrology House 10: Career, Fame

10th house is the original Capricorn sign in astrology.

Tenth house is the house of career and recognition. This includes your social status, fame, awards, and achievements in life. As a main house of career activity, it shows how one get his/her sense of achievements and recognitions in the world. As the midheaven of the chart, 10th house represents noontime where the Sun is at its peak strength. Sun is strongest in the 10th house and represents presidents, bosses, CEO, and authority figures. If the Sun is in the 10th house, one can be granted with high authority and lead the society or business. 10th house can also represents the government. As the 2nd house from 9th house of father, this house can reveal the father’s income or wealth. Together with the 2nd house of income, 6th house of work environment, 10th house can be the house of livelihood. The kendra houses or the house of angles are the 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, and 10th house. As the strongest house of action of all being high up in the sky during noontime, actions of all kinds performed will be prominent for all to see in this world.

The Sun is particularly strong in the 10th house but any planets placed in the 10th house is going to be very noticeable as 10th house is the strongest of all the kendra houses of actions. Planets placed here are going to raise you up in terms of your career and social standing. You will be noticed and recognized to the world in the 10th house.

If the 10th house or 10th house ruler is afflicted, one can even engage in illegal or society unacceptable professions. The Ascendant or the 1st house is the individual itself. If one has a strong Ascendant, he has a higher capacity to attain his/her goal, including that of career goals. With a weak Ascendant but powerful 10th house, the capacity to wield power in his/her career can be somewhat limited at times and cause frustrations.

10th house rules the knees as well as the capability to be flexible at time. Being entrusted with certain power with the 10th house, and being humble and able to kneel down to higher power of nature extends the success much longer in the world.

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