Astrology House 7: Marriage, Commitments

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 7

Astrology House 7: Marriage, Commitments

7th house is the original Libra sign in astrology.

Seventh house is the house of marriage and commitments, as well as business partnerships as many have known. Where the 1st house is the Ascendant house, 7th house is the house of husband and wife, the Descendant house. Where 1st house represents Sunrise, 7th house represents Sunset. All types of long term relationships can be seen here as partnerships and commitments. This is a one-to-one relationship where a couple or business partner pair complements each other in marriage or business. This is your house of love and passion with a sexual nature. Any planets in the 7th house have a sexual nature. As this is also one of the deepest material house being the peak of the triangle of materiality, all types of enjoyments can be found here. Food, beautiful clothes, spouse, business, and sensual pleasures can be enjoyed here.

As the descendant house, sexual union with one’s spouse or partner dissipates one’s vital energy of the 1st house and serves as the counterbalancing force of the 1st house. Malefic planets in the 7th house can suppress sensual gratifications but may aid in one’s spiritual experience.  Benefic planets in the 7th house provide physical gratifications but may hinder one’s spiritual progress and lose sight of one’s soul journey. However, any planets in the 7th house do not bode well for marriage or any long term commitments and careful approach must be taken in such situations. Malefics can cause conflicts and separation while benefics can cause excess sensual gratifications which leads to an eventual downfall. Partners have expectations in a commitment and through sharing and supporting each other in life, partners strengthen each other in a relationship in terms of marriage or business. Unspoken expectations need to be communicated clearly and carefully to forge a long term relationship.

7th house is also the house of social relationships. This is how other people perceive you. With the attainment of social status, the individual has the ability to lead others and delegate responsibilities. Powerful planets here can have great leadership and political power. 7th house being the furthest from the 1st house can also represent foreign places. 7th house can also be the house of open enemies or opponent in a one-to-one competition.

7th house rules the external reproductive organs, kidneys, glands, and lower back.

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