Astrology House 2: Wealth, Possessions

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Astrology House 2: Wealth, Possessions

2nd house is the original Taurus sign in astrology.

The second house contains the ability of earning wealth. It is the main house of wealth and finance that provides one with affluent conditions and make room for pleasures and enjoyments. How much wealth that you can make can lead to your sense of self-worth. A planet like Jupiter in the 2nd house can bring an abundance of wealth. The ability to make money can lead you to your financial success. Early childhood and family relationship also contributes to the happiness of an individual’s earthly experiences.

2nd house deals with the family experiences that one have after he/she is born. The family starts off with blood-related relations initially. This experience then carries forward to latter family and livelihood development. Early education also plays a part in the 2nd house.

Second house is also the house of speech. It deals with communications via spoken voice. Fluent communications and a talent in singing can be expected here. It has everything to do with the mouth, food and drinks ingested. Any appetite in food and drinking habits comes from the 2nd house and therefore any form of food addiction or binge drinking can be resulted here if no proper self-control is exerted on oneself here.

Face, eyes, neck are all attributes of the 2nd house. Benefics like Jupiter or Venus in the 2nd house can make one a pretty face and very attractive. A good 2nd house enables one to earn money and enjoy life comforts.

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