Astrology House 12: Expenses, Losses

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 12

Astrology House 12: Expenses, Losses

12th house is the original Pisces sign in astrology.

Twelfth house is the house of endings and conclusion. 12th house is the end of the life’s journey and cessation of all activities. From the 1st house the journey starts but in the 12th house lies the final liberation and the release of all worldly attachments. 12th house activities symbolizes those acts that we leave this world or release bonding temporarily or literally. In your sleep and dreams, you temporarily abandon the daily activities and responsibilities. We plunged ourselves in films and movies, getting engaged in illusory pictures for enjoyments. Actors who can totally forget their self-identity and totally immerse themselves into their film characters can have planets in the 12th house. 12th house can indicate foreign countries where one takes a break from life on a vacation. 12th house is also a place of confinements and isolations. This can be linked to places like hospitals and prisons. It can be any places linked to working behind the scenes or in the backstage. Someone taking care of the audio and lighting on stage or some chef cooking in the kitchen of a restaurant.

12th house is a house of losses and expenditures. Expenses and losses can be participated willingly or unwillingly like charity activities or loss of a loved one. It is the house of secrets and fears where there can be hidden enemies and you do not see them or their attacks. Someone backstabbing you in the office can be the effects of the 12th house. In the route of escape, it produces ecstasy for an individual to escape reality. Escape can be in terms of bed pleasures and dissipation of one’s energy, dreams, drugs, alcohol, or the end of one’s life to join the consciousness of the divine. It can show the state of the subconscious mind, psychic abilities, and any past life influences and karma. It can give a sense of loss and create sorrows and disappointments. Victims can be found in the 12th house. Instead of playing the victim role and develop resentments to one’s fate, an individual should concentrate on his/her responses to life events and occurrences with detachment and surrender to the laws of nature. By understanding yourself and your reactions, adversaries are cleared. 12th house represents foreigners and foreign lands itself. One with strong planets here can attain success in foreign countries.

12th house rules the feet and left eye. Where the 2nd house rules the right eye, 12th house rules specifically the left eye. Where 1st house rules mainly the head with the other houses cover other body parts till it reaches the feet, the 12th house.

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