Astrology House 5: Love, Creativity

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 5

Astrology House 5: Love, Creativity

5th house is the original Leo sign in astrology.

This is the house of love and romance, the interest of many. It is not the house of marriage and commitments which lies in the 7th house. This is the house where love interest and romance first sparkled for you. It is the house of fun and pleasure where you seek to express yourself outwardly giving love like the heart-warming Sun. It is the area where creativity is expressed explicitly through love, romance, children, any forms of arts and entertainment that one enjoys. It is through self-expression that you are able to open up your heart and extends your love. Any forms of literary works or inventions born of creativity means are expressed from the 5th house. Sportsman, writers, entertainers would have a strong 5th house in their life.

Fifth house is the house of talents and skills which mostly comes from a past life. This is the house of past life good credits whereby good karma was accumulated in the past life to be released in this life. To express one’s talents and skills, great creativity is required. Procreation is also another manifestation of creativity which physically leads to the creation of children. Any general affairs that concerns your children will be mainly in the 5th house and 5th ruler.

5th house is also house of the mind which gives one great intelligence with a good 5th house. 5th house original rashi sign is Leo ruled by the Sun, the giver of all life. As the giver of life, Sun is regards as the Atma (Soul). It expresses its warmth and energy in the form of creative intelligence and expression. As an auspicious and house of intelligence, it lends itself to great aid in meditation, mantras, and spiritual works.

As one of the house of wealth, it gives wealth in the form of creative pursuits, intelligence works, spiritual aspirations, speculation means of stocks or lotteries, advising, politics, children, and entertainment. As the auspicious effects of the 5th house is far reaching than normal, ethical use of 5th house energy will be very beneficial to one’s life. The soul gets to evolve through the use of sharp intelligence and acquires pure awareness. Through the use of deep intelligence, new opportunities can be created.

5th house rules the heart in terms of pumping out blood from the heart. It rules the spine, liver, and upper back.

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