Astrology House 6: Health, Obstacles

Vedic Astrology Reading Bhava 6

Astrology House 6: Health, Obstacles

6th house is the original Virgo sign in astrology.

Sixth house is the house of health and improvement. It can also be the house of disease and obstacles depending on the 6th house and 6th house ruler conditions. Food digestion, work environment, daily activities, diet and nutrition are all ruled by the 6th house. If your immune system is strong, you can overcome all kinds of illnesses and diseases but not without persistent self-effort and improvements. Habits can be formed in the 6th house. As daily activities, bad habits can lead one to disease where the body is no longer at ease and ailments start to manifest and show in the body. Malefic planets can give the drive to help one to overcome any illnesses and difficulties in the 6th house. However, 2 or more malefic planets can contribute to the illnesses and produces more struggles in one’s life.

6th house is also the house of enemies where enemies like diseases, can be trumped with the help of malefic planets. With hard work and diligence, good habits can be developed in replaced of the bad habits and improve one’s life. It is mainly a house of difficulties and improvements. Depending on the prowess of the 6th house, all types of obstacles like debts, disappointments, enemies, diseases, accidents, law suits can be conquered, having learnt the lessons and the nature of the obstructions given to a person. One gathered strength after having overcome difficulties, diseases, and fears of all kinds. Be careful of any actions taken on an impulse as the impact dealt on ourselves or on enemies with force can result in negative effects.

6th house is the house of service and healing. Different professions related to the service industry can be involved like doctors, nurses, food and beverages, policeman, waitress, air stewardess, and councilors. One has the desire to service and help others in need in the 6th house.

As a house of work environment and daily activities, it involves co-workers, colleagues, and employees in a person’s life. Malefic planets here can give challenges in the office or work place. As a house of accidents and diseases, struggles given will require a battle over the challenges in order to win. To fight and win is the key so sports and any kind of competition are also included. To repay any debt one owed, financial challenges can be expected. While benefic planets may not help much with competition, it does give more pleasant colleagues, pets, and relatives as these are 6th house matters. Benefics give a service-oriented attitude with no enmity feelings or effects. A weak or afflicted 6th house can lead to bankruptcy. 6th house also control any pets in the house as you have to service your pet all day with food, care, and love.

6th house rules digestion, intestines, etc. As the 1st house rules the physical constitution, 6th house rules the overall health condition of a person.

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