Gemini in 2018


Gemini in 2018

What will happen to Gemini in the year of 2018?


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Gemini should have their financial planning done as early as they can. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) goes into the 2nd house of wealth for you. Business and financial expansion is due for further material growth to support your well-being. Cash flow and equities will increase so plan wisely. For the money seekers, you are in luck this year for this is your much appreciated house. Sales revenue will climb the next level for you. Mercury retrograding in your income and career houses will help you to steer back into the right directions in terms of financial matters. Beware however for this growth can impact your family in an unexpected way. You can afford some extra income for some valuable time and entertainment with your family, but be careful for some family members might bubble up some unexpected troubles along the way.

After the Solar Eclipse on February 15 in your 9th house of fortune, some unexpected travels is due to come your way. You might have to squeeze in some traveling plans in the midst of your busy schedule. Try not to schedule near the eclipse time. Leave a gap of at least 2 weeks before or after the eclipse to avoid unwanted circumstances. Don’t put those away and schedule them early. Both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting your 9th house of traveling. Any trips or vacations is going well for you and will widen your horizons. If you want to upgrade your technical or personal skills, this is the year to improve yourself overall. You will be much more refined after this year is over.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) has moved into your 8th house of obstacles. Some unknown troubles are lurking behind the curtain just when you least expect it. As cash flow has increased, expenses have also increased. Any loans or money due to you might not reach you in time. Some unexpected expenses are inevitable so save up some extras for these situations. It isn’t wise to take financial risks now as there will be extremes in gains and losses.

After the Solar Eclipse on August 11 in your 2nd house of wealth, this is when your financial planning comes into execution, preferably after the eclipse. You can also execute it before the eclipse but not during the eclipse period. Leave some gap to revise your financial plan 2 weeks before and after the eclipse for that is when the situation will completely change for you gradually. More news will be available to you when Mercury comes to join in the fun by retrograding in your 2nd house from July 26 to August 19. Reorganise your plans during this period so that you can benefit more from the financial growth. You will start to see the impact after the eclipse and you shall be glad that you were prepared. Pay increments, sales volume increase are all waiting for you at the right time.

Jupiter will transit into your 5th house of children and creativity and leave in September. Venus will conjoin Jupiter in the same house with retrograding motion from September onwards till in the end of the year. With Venus coming into it’s power 5th house of Libra, you will have great creativity. Opportunities are granted for you by Jupiter from the start of the year and Venus will continue the great creative work for you till the end of the year. Do not put on hold on any creative pursuits that you have for this is the year! Any speculative efforts will be paid off in the long term. Any contract plan with a business partner will yield sudden gains for you at a later time. There will be joyous moments that you will spend with your kids and if you do not have any kids yet, a new family member is waiting to join in your household to spread the joy. In the event of meeting people, there are plenty of chances for you to meet someone destined to come into your life romantically.

Happy times do not last forever. After infusing all your time in your creative projects, it is time to put them into execution. Jupiter will cross over to your 6th house of work from mid-October from October 11 onwards. More work will pile up. As Jupiter is mutual aspecting Rahu in your 2nd house of income, there will be even greater income coming in. The efforts will be jolly well worth it. However do take care of your health and do not overwork yourself. 6th house is the house of health and money cannot buy back lost health. Smile! Money will come rolling in!

Mars being the most malefic planet for you will go retrograde exalted in your 8th house of obstacles with Ketu. From May 4 to November 6, Mars will stay in your troublesome 8th house. It is not a completely fun year for you with Mars throwing up some havocs in your life. The situation that will pop up will be unexpected so don’t keep your schedule completely occupied. Leave some space to breathe so that you have time to react to such situations. Any unpleasant chronic conditions that you have a history with will have a flare up just when you least expect it. Surrender to whatever that is going to happen. Don’t try to control the results and cast your fears aside. It will take you a big ordeal in order for you to release your fears. During this period, Mars will aspect the 11th house of friends and gains, 2nd house of family and wealth, and 3rd house communications.

The crisis can impact your friends and family members. If you cannot overcome the obstacles, get help from external parties like friends and organization. Other family members can also contribute to assist you in the crisis. Keep the communications up and stay connected. Don’t add further stress into the situation and try to tap into the joyous mood that Jupiter and Venus are infusing into you. Handle it well and the problem will resolve by itself by November onwards.

Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting your 1st and 9th house expanding your overall life focus and spiritual growth. If you haven’t been feeling lucky, you should. In the midst of the troubles that you will be facing, fortune will still smile at you, giving you the strength and resources for you to overcome it. With Jupiter aspecting the 11th house of aspirations, project your creative ideas and joy to the correct audience and it shall be appreciated. Business partnerships of all sorts will be very fruitful. Make full of this time before Jupiter heads into your 6th house of work in October.

As Saturn comes into your 7th house of relationship and aspects the 4th house of home, you do have to pay more attention and spend more time with your spouse and home matters. If you have issues with your spouse for a long time, this is the stage where you have to confront them and trash out the garbage so that there is more room for future relationship growth. As this will also impact your home, relationship issues not dealt with properly will spiral down to affect happiness at home. Any property sales will be delayed and rentals will surface additional refurbishing expenses.

Crisis will not last forever and the joyous moments of your life are much more elaborate than your problems. Stick to those joys!

This is just a snippet of the possible life events that will happen to you in general in the year of 2018. To find out what exactly will happen in your personal life, please check out our Astrology Services below.



Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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