Pisces in 2018


Pisces in 2018

What will happen to Pisces in the year of 2018?


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Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is in your 5th house of creative talents now. Things are starting to get tougher for you but it is your 5th house that is able to sustain you over all the odds. In the midst of all that is to come this year, you will find your exuberance and happiness in your 5th house of creative self-expression. Romance can come into your life to soothe things up that have gone rough. Open up your heart and extends your expression towards whatever it is that you desire. It will give you a deep sense of pleasure.

After the Solar Eclipse on February 15 in your 12th house, you are more likely to keep to yourself. Seeking an escape to all your difficulties might not be the long term solution, but it is the one that you need right now. Escape from the world and treat yourself to the movie theatre. Take a stroll along the park and clear up your mind. Whatever problems that you have, sleep on it. Don’t keep brooding on the problem but concentrate on the possible solution. This is the work that you have to do to liberate yourself from the difficulties.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) has moved into your 11th house of hopes. Things seems dull and friends are not helping. In fact, having too much social engagements wastes precious time for you to self-reflect. Friends are not helpful and are draining. Keep a distance for a while and take on only necessary engagements. You might meet up unconventional friends that will stir up your intuitive ideas. Keep acquainted for they are here to open up your emotional creativity. As Mars comes into the 11th house exalted powerfully and goes retrograde from May 4 to November 6, the impact will be stronger and whatever ideas that you have might spin off into monetary gains for you in a strong way. Plan before you take any actions and don’t be impulse. Your elder siblings might pose a strong problem for you this time. Keep your distance to avoid flare-ups.

After the Solar Eclipse on August 11 in your 5th house of creativity, this is the real booster to your love life. It could be the love that you have for someone, the love that you put all your heart out to create something like painting or singing, simply anything that you love will be shown to you. Whatever you think you desire, go get it. You are responsible for yourself and you are responsible for what happens to you. So whatever it is that you think you want, go get it.

Saturn is in your 10th house of career now. There will hindrances and extreme stress at work. The routine structure that has been built into your work life no longer serves you and you don’t know how to get connected to your work anymore. As Saturn is dispositing to your Jupiter in the 8th house of obstacles, you can even lose or change your job during this time. No matter what happens, career move is on the rise. To get steady over the changing waves, hard work will pull you through the difficult career path. Show your workers and clients that tasks are completed and there is progression. Reliability and resilience will promote more work and business steadily for you.

Jupiter is in your difficult 8th house. You are meant to do something different now. Venus will conjoin Jupiter in the same house with retrograding motion from September onwards till in the end of the year. Venus is the real game changer here as it owns your 8th house. Take these few months to reassess what it is that you have to break out of to be a better person. Remembering that you are supposed to work internally on improving yourself, and that you have to work harder in your career, Jupiter and Venus are here to stir things up for you so that you really do transform into the new person that can handle all these stresses. By the time Jupiter crosses over to the 9th house, there will be great relief from whatever that you have gone through. Before that happens, surrender to whatever comes your way and develop yourself through the challenges. The challenge is great but you have plenty of mental abilities to handle them now.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting your 4th house of home and 12th house of seclusion. If you do really lose your job, do know that this is only changing for the better. The job that you are currently in no longer serves you for something better is coming up. You are meant to refocus on your life development right now. A change of residence is possible. If you have finished furnishing your new house, get prepared to do all the tedious shifting work. Shifting house is such a big move in your life that it can take a toll on your work. Try to balance it out. Get reacquainted to your new house and the new route to work. Take a short trip aboard to check up on your old buddies. Reminiscing your past is part of your subconscious agenda item. Get some time off for only yourself to break out from the routine career and home. You will find great peace recharging you with greater enthusiasm later on.

As Jupiter gets into your 9th house of fortune from October 11 onwards, this is when your real luck starts to flow in with abundance. As Jupiter is mutual aspecting your Rahu in the 5th house, your luck starts to undergo big shifts. Happiness overflows your life with new hopes again. If you still have not seen the light out of the tunnel, you will start to see light emerging from the edge of the tunnel from next year onwards. You have great hopes and faith right now. With Mercury retrograding in your houses of life purpose, you will find back the meaning of your life again and to live with light and love. Do not block your good fortune coming in with darkness of the unpleasantness that you have encountered. If you are planning to have a baby, you can start your family planning now. The new member of the family will join you soon. With Rahu in the 5th house of your mind and Jupiter in the 9th house of your faith, the only limitations that you have now is in your mind. Bring forth your intelligence to work, for it is through creativity that you may find your saving grace.

This is just a snippet of the possible life events that will happen to you in general in the year of 2018. To find out what exactly will happen in your personal life, please check out our Astrology Services below.



Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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