Libra in 2018


Libra in 2018

What will happen to Libra in the year of 2018?


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Librans do not hide yourself anymore. This is the year to be noticed. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is going over your 10th house of career now. It has been here for a few months already and you can feel its energy already. There is no better time for your career and this is the year to push all the way that you can. You are getting a big booster at work and business is aplenty. Whatever you say in the workplace is final and nobody dares to challenge you. You know your stuff and you are ready to make it big. If you have not been satisfied with your work, be ready to get blown away.

After the Solar Eclipse on February 15 in your 5th house, your creative ideas will finally get accepted in the work place. Any ingenious ideas are going to set you apart from your peers in the office. Anything that comes up in your mind, note them down. There are a lot of chances to act on them this year. Some of them will have far-reaching effects than you ever think. Don’t put them aside. Ever think of having any children? This could be the year for a new addition to the family.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) has moved into your 4th house of home. You will be focusing all your energy at work that you have simply no time at home. Do spare some time at home from time to time but bear in mind that this is your breakthrough in your career. Don’t let the opportunity slip away as opportunity doesn’t always knock on your door. Get together with your family and home members and share your career success with your loved ones once in a while. They will understand with time. Generally, a lot of time will be spent out of home. Do not purchase a house or vehicle during this time.

After the Solar Eclipse on August 11 in your 10th house of career, be ready for any business assignments. As you are the go to person, your boss does not trust anyone else but you. You have to manage the work personally yourself. Manage the work and delegate appropriately. This is another milestone of your breakthrough in your work. Don’t worry about job bumps along the way. Anything that happen after this eclipse is going to benefit your career on the long haul.

Saturn does aspects your 12th house of dreams and sleep. You are in the hype of a great year. You will be so excited that it influences your sleep patterns. You will have trouble sleeping at times and there is not enough time for you to sleep. Get plenty of sleep before you take on the world. You will need the rest to achieve even more.

What do you know? Jupiter transits into your Ascendant. This is your super-duper year! You will forget all the unhappiness that have been set upon you. Venus will conjoin Jupiter in the same house with retrograding motion from September onwards till in the end of the year. With 2 greatest benefics on your Ascendant, no obstacle is going to stop you. You have what it takes to get whatever it is that you have desired for so long. Any enemies that you have encountered in the workplace or anywhere else are not getting near you at all. You shall be protected and simply untouchable. Make an intention to change your life for the better. Any good intentions will set off a positive vibration that will empower you with good luck.

As Jupiter goes over to your 2nd house of earnings from October 11 onwards, money comes rolling in now. After your career has blossomed and stabilized in the beginning of the year, now you are starting to see the fruits of your hardship at work. You are noticed by the leaders and your clients. There are no lack of new business leads, pay increase, promotion, and new sales. Jupiter will mutual aspecting your Rahu in the 10th house of career. Just when you thought that the new opportunity is too good to be true, more blessings come into your career sector. There is not going to be a better time for your career. Your luck never seem to stop coming in. Career, money, status, grab them all for they all belong to you this coming year. Mercury retrograding in your career and finance houses in this year will further emphasize your career standing in the long run.

Mars will be exalted and retrograding in your 4th house of home. Take good care of your mother during this time. With Ketu and Mars together in the 4th house of mother, there could be some problems surging for your mother. Mars will transits over this area between May 4 and November 6. This is the time to pay special attention to your mother. No traveling is advised for your mother. Any home affairs and property matters are going to pop up and catch you off guard. While you are off fighting for your career, do settle down for some home settlements during this time. If you do not have peace at home, you will not have peace at work.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting your 5th house of creativity and 9th house of fortune. Be opened up to meet new people as new acquaintances are going to add to your new circle of friends. This will be a time of joy for you, a time of happiness and fortune. There will be many fortunate events occurring in your life. Make full use of this opportunity before Jupiter hops over to your 2nd house in October. You will be busy making money by then.

This is just a snippet of the possible life events that will happen to you in general in the year of 2018. To find out what exactly will happen in your personal life, please check out our Astrology Services below.



Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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