Capricorn in 2018


Capricorn in 2018

What will happen to Capricorn in the year of 2018?


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Capricorn has a lot relationship matters to deal with this year, for the good or bad. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is in your 7th house of relationship. It has been here for quite some time now as your life focus shifts into your relationships. This will be one of the main focus throughout this year. The concern may start earlier in the year and it may bother you and require more time. But the issue will gradually get better in the later part of the year. Also expect a new flourishing relationship.

After the Solar Eclipse on February 15 in your 2nd house of earnings, be sure that your earnings will start to increase. All the efforts that you have expended in the past few months is starting to see its impact. You will see your paycheck increase this year if you continue to strive upwards. It is only going to get better but with time. Be sure to keep some excess for the rainy days ahead.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) has moved into your Ascendant. You may be exerting too much energy into your relationship sector for that is the focus now. As the relationship blooms, your partner also gets more demanding and you need to spend more time with your partner. Due to the increased focus on the relationship, you feel disconnected with the rest of the world that makes you a loner sometimes. You have spent too much time on others that you didn’t reserve any left for yourself. You slowly starts to feel detached from the world. As Mars comes into the Ascendant exalted powerfully and goes retrograde from May 4 to November 6, you will have the stamina to undertake new and strenuous tasks. Do be careful this time as energetic Mars can make you act on impulse. Think before you speak or act.

After the Solar Eclipse on August 11 in your 7th house of relationship, the focus is now concentrated on your relationship with your partner. 7th house is also the house of marriage so be careful when you are dealing with your spouse. Both of you are getting more sensitive now and the relationship is not in balance. Check up with him/her on what exactly are the needs to be met. Your partner is demanding a lot of your time. Keep your life in balance for new relationship for it is riding up the high tide now. This is the honeymoon period of the new relationship.

Saturn is in your 12th house of seclusion. As Saturn rules your Ascendant, this only means that you are currently in isolation, probably deep in relationship that nothing else in the world means anything to you. You might have trouble sleeping at times due to your work and your problems. Keep your discipline in check and follow a structure sleeping habits. No late night snacks or binge drinking. Saturn will test your health and you might end up in the hospital. Self-control is crucial to keep your health up.

Jupiter is transiting in your 10th house of career. Career is your game now as you call the shots. Whatever you say in the office will be the final word. There will be minimal resistance in your workplace. Enemies in the office know that you are somehow untouchable now for the company depends on you. You are respected in your field of work and people look up to you. Venus will conjoin Jupiter in the same house with retrograding motion from September onwards till in the end of the year. This will give your career a final blast. The efforts that you have worked for many months to come will be recognized. There will be even more opportunities open up at work. It is there if you notice hard enough.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting your 2nd house of earnings and 6th house of work. As your career luck picks up, this is when your efforts are recorded down in your boss’s memory. You become respectable in the field and co-workers and clients are coming to you for advice. Business owners will have a steady increase in sales and revenue. There will not be much financial hindrances. Finance looks good.

As Jupiter gets into your 11th house of achievements from October 11 onwards, your career boom slowly winds down but for the better. You are now on a totally new level as people acknowledge your position. Be daring enough to ask for a pay increase and a fat bonus for you might just get it. You never ask, you never know. Social engagements gets a big boost in your organization and with your friends. Jupiter will be mutual aspecting Rahu in the 7th house of relationship. Expect some relief from previous relationship issues. Mercury retrograding in your relationship houses over the year will reassess your relationships time and time again to ensure that you are not sloppy in your bondage. For new relationships, expect it to get more serious now. For long term relationships, this is a good time to plan for a wedding ceremony. Timing is perfect for a nuptial knot agreement.

This is just a snippet of the possible life events that will happen to you in general in the year of 2018. To find out what exactly will happen in your personal life, please check out our Astrology Services below.



Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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