Fated Destiny 2017

Fated Destiny 2017

Fated Destiny 2017

On around September 18 onwards until October 1st and all the way until the end of January 2018, things will happen to you in a fated destiny fashion. This rings especially true for those with their birthdays happening during this period. There will be a Kala Sarpa Yoga in the heaven’s constellation and all the planets will be wrapped around on one side of Rahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes of the Moon).

During this period, everything and all the events will happen whether you like it or not with intensity. For those with their birthdays happening during this period will have the same impact to their yearly progression chart and thus applies to them throughout their coming year. The moon will jump in and out of this special constellation to make it a strict Kala Sarpa Yoga, but the overall intensity of the events will still remain.

Take note of the upcoming events that happen to you during this time. Journal them down and contemplate on them later on. The effects of the events will be strong and long-lasting. The constellation and impact will also affect globally and strongly to specific nations. The hurricanes and other disasters that is ongoing now have devastated many families permanently. Stretch out your hands for those who need help.

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