Saturn Transits to Sagittarius 2017

Saturn Transits to Sagittarius Gandanta Flooding

Saturn Transits to Sagittarius 2017

Finally Saturn is transiting into Sagittarius sign on October 26 and it is leaving Scorpio sign for good. A glimpse of how Saturn behaves in Sagittarius was experienced from February to June 2017 when Saturn temporarily transiting within Sagittarius. Anything that you have experienced within those months could be giving you a vision of the changes in your life moving forward for the next 2-3 years. This rings especially true if you have any natal planets in Sagittarius or other houses/signs that will be aspected by Saturn.

However, the gloomiest days could be during the Gandanta stage of Saturn. Saturn will be at the tail of Scorpio sign and the head of Sagittarius sign that will produces a gandanta effect, drowning many people in miseries. The heavy effects of Saturn can be felt from mid-October to the first week of November. Whoever is having a difficult time will be feeling this impact the strongest during this period. This will cause unnecessary fear in people which are most of the time illusory for most of the fears exist in the hearts and not in reality. For those with Saturn ruling important houses or Scorpio and Sagittarius are sensitive houses, the impact is heavier as there could be delays or disappointments in certain areas of their lives. However, this is the last time the Saturn is going gandanta so bear with it for one last time. Delays are not failures unless you have deemed it that way in your mind. You have went through it in mid-February and mid-July already, surely you can get through this.

Globally, there could be floods as it did happen after Saturn went into the gandanta periods between mid-January to mid-February and between mid-June to mid-July periods. As this is final wave of Saturn going into gandanta at a treacherous point of the zodiac. This could be the final cleanup of whatever has happened to recover from the different floods and disasters in the world.

As Saturn transits into Sagittarius, it is aspecting both Gemini and Aquarius signs together with Jupiter in Libra. This places a strong emphasis on the overall communication sectors between individuals as well as large organizations. Both Gemini and Aquarius are highly relational signs, and Jupiter is also in the relationship sign of Libra. Wherever one has their Gemini and Aquarius signs in the birth chart will have a manifestation of some sort especially if they have any natal planets in these signs. Overall, it will be a year of relationship especially for the Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon Ascendant. On the global level, more communications will be focused on the changes in the overall changing leaders, economies and policies. There will be more news on the media over the changes in large organizations and nations. Humanitarian efforts will be formed up to deal with the disasters that Saturn has created during the gandanta periods in 2017.

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