Jupiter Transits to Libra 2017

Jupiter Transits to Libra 2017

Jupiter Transits to Libra 2017

Shortly after Rahu (North Node of the Moon) shifts into Cancer sign and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) shifts into Capricorn sign on September 8, now Jupiter is also shifting sign into Libra on September 12. For the individual with relationship prominent in the sign of Libra, a relationship could be blossoming or concretized by this Jupiter transits as it is blessing the Libra sign of relationship, partnership, business and marriage contracts, etc. For some, it could even be the time to ring the wedding bells if the time is right. This happens especially true for the Aries Ascendant or even Aries Moon Ascendant people. As Jupiter shifts into Libra, a new relationship can begin, an existing one can be fortified, and strong relationship can be forged into a legal marriage agreement. If you are still single, you can expect a new romance coming up. There can be more business opportunities for different people especially those of a partnership nature.

As Jupiter shifts into Libra, it will be squaring Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn. The square will be exact in December 2017 around Christmas day the December 25. The relationship can be emphasized during this period as more couples get together and form a family especially around the Christmas season as the energy is stronger generally, and it depends on each individual chart as well.

As different businesses are winding down or merging together, more business opportunities are available to be shaped up during this time. More business contracts and partnerships will be formed up during this Jupiter transits.

On a global level, as leaders of different nations and organizations are facing an internal restructure due to the changing of the leaders or new policies going on board. Jupiter transits will help to smoothen this transition in the sign of Libra. A balance is reestablished into the organization, returning peace and harmony into the overall structure and the operations of the organizations.

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