Saturn Last Direct in Scorpio 2017

Saturn Last Direct in Scorpio

Saturn Last Direct in Scorpio 2017

Saturn is going direct on August 25. It is making its final track in Scorpio before it goes into Sagittarius in October. Whatever Scorpio means in your birth chart, it is starting to make its closing passage now. Saturn has been bringing fear to you for the past 3 years in a certain area. After learning the hard lessons of Saturn and facing your own fears head front, you have been radically transformed in the deep sign of Scorpio.

While Saturn is standing still now, take time to process what has happened in the last 3 years. This is a good chance to right what has been wronged by confronting your fears and make amendments. This is a golden opportunity to carry out any corrective plans and actions before Saturn hits the dark spot of Scorpio in late October and November. Fear is only real in the mind and any wrongs that you have done can be undone. Bad habits and negative attitudes can be rectified with the right mind and positive vibes. The clock has stop ticking for a while. Keep changing for the better. Now is the time!

Mars will leave its debilitated sign of Cancer and goes into Leo on August 26. Meanwhile, Mars will mutual aspect the stationary Saturn for a while giving the push that you need to overcome your obstacles. Frustrations and humps will still be around but you will have the drive to push through it.

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